Six Cons of Social Media for the General Public

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The internet has many benefits and evils. It’s up to us how we use it. However, not everyone is up for good. Some take happiness in hurting others. Most of us don’t usually realize that we are hurting others. We always have an excuse for what we are doing. However, that doesn’t justify all cons of the social media, most of which have been created by us human beings. Here some of such issues. 

Inferiority Complex

One of the most common problem with social media is how it causes inferiority complex. We others showing off and think low of ourselves. This is very common problem in young generation. We don’t realize that nothing is perfect and what we see on the internet is not exactly true. Even rich aren’t very happy. However, we keep hurting ourselves thinking that they have everything and we have nothing. If you have such a person at your home suffering from an issue, you should seek troubled youth treatments before it gets worse. Because of social media, many people have to get therapy. 


One of the major drawbacks of using social media is being a victim of cyberbullying. Anyone these days can create a fake account and do illegal activities without being traced. It is so easy to bully just anyone online that it is a crime itself. Victims fall prey to online threats, intimidation messages, and rumor messages sent to the masses for humiliation. More platforms like next door inclusive should be introduced to eradicate online bullying.

Addiction of Social Media

This one aspect of social media is very disturbing, especially for students. They lose focus of their studies and goals and spend hours scrolling on a social media site. They get addicted extensively and are eventually cut off from society and reality.

Privacy Invasion

Besides your home, your computer system and social media accounts also have your personal data that you input. Hackers can access your data and use it to pose a threat like ransomware. Many businesses also suffer financial and reputation loss at the hands of hackers. There have been many cases of Facebook accounts hacking where it has affected the personal lives of individuals.

Health-Related Concerns

One of the leading disadvantages of social media is its effect on most people’s health. Most people waste their time on it with excessive use rather than indulging in some fitness activities. Besides physical health, people experience psychological stress by constantly comparing their lives to others. Hours of watching videos on social media can result in sleep deprivation which adversely affects other daily activities.

Security Issues

You never know how and when anyone can report you for saying something mistakenly over the internet. Even the security agencies who have access to your data are unsafe as your privacy can get compromised at any time. People easily get scammed on social media. Like you may get scammed into paying for a product that does not get delivered to you.

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