Different types of Silk Sarees every Bride must have in her Wardrobe

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Different types of Silk Sarees every Bride must have in her Wardrobe

Sarees are one of the most elegant attires that a woman can be adorned in. Not just in India, many countries and cultures have sarees as a part of them. Many foreigners and westerners admire sarees and have slowly started to try these amazing ethnic outfits.

Silk sarees, especially hold a very high place with regards to their uniqueness, texture, fabric, and beautiful color. The zari work that is done on these sarees adds an extra dose of sheer elegance and royalty to it.

There are many different kinds of silk sarees in India, each one varies in the kind of silk that is used, the zari work that is done on it, the pattern of the zari work, and the extra embellishments that sometimes are added to the sarees. Each area or region in India has a different kind of silk saree and each one of them is unique and distinct in its style and making.

Silk Sarees in India

Original silk sarees in India are made by hand and sometimes in large weaving machines when they are made in industries. Silk is acquired from trusted silk sources and is certified by a board called the Silk Mark – a government board that accredits the quality of the silk that has been used in making the saree. In most regions, silk is hand-dyed and sold to small-scale weavers, who make silk sarees from their humble homes with a large weaving machine.

These sarees are procured by traders and are sold to customers. The benefit of buying a handwoven saree is that it is unique and is one of a kind, unlike the large industrial scale sarees which are made commercially.

Each silk saree has a unique shade of color, a unique pattern of zari work, and a unique tale attached to it. Each pattern conveys a different tone and mood. Such is the brilliant art and handcraft that goes into making these silk sarees.

Types of Must-Have Silk Sarees

  1. Kanjivaram Silk

Kanjivaram silk sarees of Kanchipuram silk saree is one of the regal and costliest varieties of silk saree due to its high-quality silk and zari that is used. The silk used is called Mulberry silk which is the finest and most expensive type of silk and the zari used is mostly either gold or silver. This saree is particularly used for brides during their wedding and is one of the most royal kinds of saree.

  1. Banarasi Silk

Banarasi silk saree originates in Varanasi and is highly acclaimed for its shiny and shimmery texture. The saree is used for bridal functions and comes in bright-hued colors. The excellent zari work on the saree makes it unique and exclusive but also quite expensive.

  1. Assam – Muga Silk

The popular silk saree from Assam is made from a unique kind of silk called Muga, the Muga silk saree is lightweight and is usually made in white-colored bases. The beautiful finish and lightweight texture of these silk sarees are best enjoyed in small functions and ceremonies.

  1. Tussar Silk

Tussar silk originates from Bhagalpur and is extracted from many kinds of silk larvae. The distinct nature of this silk is its unique sheen which reflects two different colors when in contact with light. It has a cool and soothing effect on the skin making it perfect for sunny, outdoor events.

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