Saw Palmetto: How Good is it for Men’s Health?

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Saw Palmetto: How Good is it for Men’s Health?

Saw palmetto is the name of a shrublike palm, and the fruit of this palm is used for making medicine. The best use of the medicine made out of saw palmetto is reducing the swelling of the prostate. It is also used for minimising complications during prostate surgery. Saw palmetto is also suitable for reducing male baldness, treating sexual dysfunction, and other issues. And if you are suffering from any of the aforementioned conditions, order saw palmetto. However, it would be best to consult a doctor before its use. Your doctor may also suggest using saw palmetto if the conditions show severe effects.

Saw palmetto has several qualities and help with many conditions caused by old age and an unhealthy lifestyle. This article will list the benefits of saw palmetto and how it can counter several health issues.


Benefits of saw palmetto are:


Hair loss prevention

Hair loss is rooted in many factors such as genetics, hormonal changes, and even medications. If you use saw palmettos as a supplement, it will balance the hormone levels and prevent hair loss. Daily use of this supplement will result in better hair with more texture.


How does palmetto do that? It can block enzymes that convert testosterone into a hormone (dihydrotestosterone/DHT), which causes hair fall. Palmetto increases hair growth by 60% in men suffering from male pattern baldness.


Good for urinary tract function

Older men face a lot of urinary tract infections and diseases. Saw palmetto can improve urinary symptoms associated with a condition known as benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). In this condition, the prostate gland swells, decreasing the urine flow.


Taking two capsules of herbal supplements containing saw palmetto is known to decrease this urinary condition to a great level. And regular consumption of this medicine will prevent all the symptoms and the core issues in the prostate. A treatment of 160 milligrams of saw palmetto (twice a day) can increase urine flow within six months.


Improves prostate health

What is a prostate? It is a gland located in the middle of the penis and bladder. And its function is to maintain sperm health. Here, saw palmetto will enhance prostate health by preventing issues such as prostate cancer and BPH, as mentioned above. It also minimises the urinary symptoms and inflammation in the urinary tract.

Overall, regular consumption of saw palmetto will keep prostate health in check. If you have any plan to include this medicine in your diet, first consult a urologist and understand the quantity and time period of the medication. Some may prescribe it for a few months, and some may advise making it a daily routine for the rest of your life. Then, you can order saw palmetto, and add it to your daily diet. There are minor to no side effects of consuming saw palmetto; hence, some doctors will prescribe this medication for three straight years.


Help regulate testosterone levels.

With age, men tend to lose testosterone levels, and the level decreases even more by the age of 45. Balancing testosterone will impact the body in several ways: increased libido, better mood, and cognition.

The need for the palmetto supplement is high because an imbalance of testosterone usually leads to illness and heart diseases.

These are some of the benefits of saw palmetto, and you should consider using it if you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned problems.

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