Safety Standards to Look For when Dorm Hunting

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Safety Standards to Look For when Dorm Hunting

All young people moving to college are usually excited at the thought of the freedom ahead. All preparations happen with excitement and the rush of finally leaving away from their parents. However, not all parents are that ecstatic about their children moving out. Most would prefer to have them close by and keep watching over them. Therefore, to balance the equation, parents and students need to analyze the safety of the new living quarters and ensure it is safe enough for the young ones. This is a critical step in giving parents comfort that their teenagers are in a safe place. Below are some of the safety standards to check before your child moves into a dorm;

1.  Cleanliness

Whether on-campus or off-campus, every dorm should have high cleanliness levels. Besides cleaning one’s personal space in their rooms, there should be daily cleaning of the common areas. The hostel should also employ rules to ensure shared rooms are kept clean and random inspections happen. This is because dirty grounds can encourage the breeding of pests and diseases. When the authorities keep checking the cleanliness standards of the place, they ensure the residents remain healthy. Constant clean water supply should also be a priority in any public residence. Any shared bathrooms or wash areas should have running water to keep dirt from accumulating. Additionally, the outside environment should be presentable by emptying waste bins, keeping the compound clean, and trimming the grass and fences. This not only keeps the place clean but also adds aesthetic value.

2.  Security features of the dorm

Security is an essential quality of any residential place. One should enquire from the facility manager about the kind of security implemented. These should include the presence of cameras, identification of new people, curfew hours for visitors, and other vital features. These help to monitor those on the premises and keep the residents safe.

Apart from the general dorm security, the room or apartment should have safety measures. The door and windows should be lockable both from the inside and outside, giving one their privacy. It is also vital to know who has the spare keys to the rooms in case one needs help. At KU student apartments in Lawrence, KS, safety always comes first, and the students enjoy their stay with minimal to no security threats. The security team investigates all suspicious activities to ensure the residents and their friends enjoy their stay at the property.

3.  Fire security

Fire safety is vital in every residential place. The dorms should have smoke detectors that give a special warning which everyone will hear, even when asleep. Ensure smoke detectors are on every floor of the building. The building should also have an elaborate fire escape route and evacuation point that is spacious and easy to locate. Drills are also essential to ensure the residents can follow the procedure.

4.  Fumigation

Nothing makes one lose sleep like bugs that infest your space. Bugs could come due to cleanliness, seasonal changes, or other external factors. Therefore, to avoid this nuisance, the dorms should have scheduled fumigation from time to time to ensure the students enjoy their stay. The fumigation should mostly happen during breaks and holidays when everyone is not around. The safety of the students’ property is paramount when doing this noble task. The housing manager should ensure they supervise the fumigators and account for all properties after finishing the assignment. The building management should also quickly respond to any complaints of bedbugs, fleas, cockroaches, and other bugs common in living areas.

5.  No illegal activity

No parent would love having their child around illegal activity. Therefore, the premises should have a no illicit drugs policy to keep the residents safe. Having drugs makes the place a crime scene and breeds theft and other crimes. Zero tolerance for these activities makes the location safe to live in.

Getting accommodation for your student should involve training them on what to look for when apartment searching. It is also vital to read through the living agreement, ask questions, and address any issues before settling in. Amidst the excitement of joining college and starting a new life, parents should emphasize the value of remaining cautious and watchful. As they stretch out their wings to fly, let them enjoy the freedom of knowing they are in a safe environment.

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