Rocket League Credits Guide: How To Buy Credits and How To Get Free Credits?

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Rocket League has the main currency called Credits. These credits are the in-game currency that replaced the old keys that were used in the past. Obviously, this currency is used to buy all kinds of aesthetic items on our account.

Here we explain what you can buy with credits in Rocket League and how to buy them legally.

What can be purchased with credits?

Mainly Rocket League credits are used to acquire the following game content:

Items from the Item Shop (like new cars, decals, wheels, throttles, etc.)

Improvement of the Premium version of Rocket Pass.

Build new RLitems with blueprints.

Make exchanges.

Special packages and DLC from the store.

How to buy Rocket League credits and their prices?

You can buy Rocket League credits directly from the game itself. Within it, in the main menu, access the Item Store tab. Then click on the “Buy credits” option that you will see in the lower left corner of the screen.

These are the pricing models available to purchase credits in Rocket League:

  • 500 credits: at a price of 4.26 euros.
  • 1,100 credits (+ 10%): at a price of 8.54 euros.
  • 3,000 credits (+ 20%): at a price of 21.35 euros.
  • 6,500 credits (+ 30%): at a price of 42.71 euros.

When you click on “Buy”, you will jump to the payment system platform to make the purchase. You just have to complete the steps that appear on the screen to finish the process. When you’re done, the credits should already be added to your account in the upper right corner of the shop menu. Do not forget that after buying credits commercial retention of 72 hours (3 days) is made on all credits in your account (if you are a new player the wait may be longer).


How Can I Get Free Rocket League Credits?

Officially, there is only one way to get free credits within Rocket League which is well-regarded by those responsible for the game. This legal method consists of obtaining credits by exchanging with other players through the exchange system (that is, exchanging a plane or item with another player who in return gives you credits, and thus you get them “for free”). It must be specified that only one player can have credits in the exchange window and players can exchange Credits for an item, but never ever for other Credits or items and Credits.

In addition, you can participate in some Rocket League content creators or service providers. For example, in Rocket League Item Trading Store-RocketPrices.Com, you can win free Credits by participating in their Rocket League Daily Giveaways.

Warning and beware of hacks and scams

We want to spend a few words highlighting an issue. Apart from what we have described above, there are no other “easy” or “official” ways to get free credits in Rocket League, no matter how hard they try to make you believe otherwise.

In this regard, we would like to communicate, as we usually do for these F2P games, that you take the following into consideration:

  • Beware of possible hacking scams on the net.
  • Do not take unnecessary risks and be careful with whom you share your personal data.
  • If it is not through the game store or trusted distributors, do not buy credits or trust supposed offers of the same that you see online.
  • If someone, be it a person, web, or application, offers credits cheaper than their official price or for free, and it is not through a special and official promotion from Psyonix, Epic Games, or a collaborator, it is better not to risk it.
  • In cases of scams, you could be banned or even worse, fraudulent use of your account and/or credit card can be made and you may find yourself in trouble, you are the final responsible, be very careful.

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