Reasons to Clean and Recycle Electrical Products

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Reasons to Clean and Recycle Electrical Products

Most people will just discard electrical products that aren’t working as they used to or have stopped working entirely. With any kind of machinery, tools and or electrical equipment you might want to ask yourself the question, why? Why is it not working as intended or, why does it appear to have died? There are a few things you can do instead of paying out for a new piece of equipment or, at the very least ensure proper disposal of said equipment;

Wires and connected devices

Most of the time, with electronics a process of elimination is required. There will likely be wires and perhaps even other devices connected to your equipment, all of which may be causing a problem. Sometimes it is evident that a wire or cable is damaged with just a visual inspection. Alternatively, you may need services like demo Logistics from TecDis Network, they can carry out cleaning and testing for you, swap out any wires that they suspect are causing a problem and or disconnect any other devices that are connected in order to rule them out of the equation. If you are able to open the machine or equipment without voiding any kind of warranty then a quick look inside to check that everything is properly connected can make all the difference.


You may be surprised to know that, thoroughly cleaning the item in question may well bring it back to life. Take computer equipment for example, many computers have been sitting in the same position for a long time and probably used every day but, how often do they get cleaned inside and out? Computers require good air flow circulation in order to maintain suitable operating temperatures. If they haven’t been cleaned you may be surprised at the amount of dust and other things you find inside the casing, if the CPU fan is clogged with dust and hair then the CPU cooler might be unable to keep the CPU cool enough causing the computer to crash or, not work at all.

Component replacement

Depending on how complicated the machinery is that you are having trouble with, if you have managed to figure out what is causing the problem by the process of elimination then you might want to replace the component for something newer. The great thing with tech is that you can normally get a better product for the same price because things get better over time, or you may even get a replacement cheaper than the cost of the original.


Some people won’t want to be bothered with trying to go through the process of rescuing equipment that doesn’t work and just buy a replacement. If you are one of those people or you are have tried all you can with no success then at least call a company that might be able to save it for you, you’d be surprised at what can be done to recondition something that doesn’t work or, at least they can safely dispose of your goods so they don’t become part of a rotting pile of rusting e-waste


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