How to get a perfect bathroom storage layout? Nkbc Cabinets

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In general, bathroom vanities are enough for most people. However, the storage adds value to your space. If you can design the layout of your bathroom, do it with cabinets. You can have cabinets in your bathroom. Nkbc cabinets offer a variety of bath storage options. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any bathroom.

There are some ways to create ideal storage. Therefore, get vanity cabinets from your wholesale distributor. The storage is essential for some basic stuff. In addition, you can use them to store your daily items. Sometimes, a countertop does not have enough space for things. Then, you should improve your bathroom storage.

There are several options for bathroom cabinets. You can have open cabinets as well as closed ones. Both can serve in the best way. For this purpose, pick the right layout. The list of some ideas is below:

  1. Choose vanity cabinets
  2. Design the layout
  3. Pick the number of sinks
  4. Choose the sink type
  5. Choose the style
  6. Use base cabinets
  7. Try mirror storage

1- Choose vanity cabinets:

Bathroom vanities may have cabinets and drawers. These cabinets define your layout. Use the space under the washbasin for this purpose. Similarly, use the cabinets for your daily stuff. Also, you can place your toiletries in it.

Moreover, if you have open cabinets, use them for your hand towels. In this way, you can arrange a good space in your bathroom. In addition to that, you can also design the storage on an empty wall. So, the key is to use the given space wisely.

2- Design the layout:

When you already have a designer, discuss storage with him. Also, you can create your layout by yourself. Similarly, note down the essentials for your bathroom. Then, see how to use the space. But, storage needs a perfect layout. With Nkbc cabinets, you can design your bathroom storage in the best way. They offer quality cabinets for your bathroom. Also, give attention to details.

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3- Pick the number of sinks:

The size of your bathroom does not matter. What matters is the use of the space. Therefore, pick the number of sinks you want. If you need one sink, choose the pedestal one. However, if you wish for two sinks, go for a countertop. A countertop can manage two sinks with storage. So, it is essential to choose the sinks.

In addition to that, the sink adds value to your bathroom. It gives you the base for the cabinets. Also, the cabinets hide the plumbing of the sinks. Well, you can see the importance of its layout.

4- Choose the sink type:

No doubt, there are many options for sink types. However, pick the one that goes with the design. You can either go for an under-mount sink. Or, you can go for the vessel sink. Both the sink styles come with a storage option. But, the pedestal sinks do not have any storage. So, having the right sink is crucial.

There are perfect storage designs out there for any bathroom. Check out the cabinets’ collection in Nkbc cabinets. It has both basin and countertop drawers. So, you can make use of such options.

5- Choose the style:

Having a style in mind is essential. The best style brings the best layout of a bathroom. Therefore, make up your mind about its style. Also, it depends on the space in your bath. You can either choose the modern style. It has fewer details and more open space. You can also buy affordable kitchen cabinets in the rustic style, which has a wooden theme. But, pick the one which suits your lifestyle.

6- Use base cabinets:

Use the space under the countertop for base cabinets. It is the best storage option. First of all, it provides support to the top. Secondly, it gives you more space for your daily use items. Also, it defines your layout. Similarly, you can have both drawers and cabinets. Use them for your aftershaves and other stuff.

Furthermore, you can use the cabinets for bathroom cleaners. Also, save your extra soaps and towels in it. In this way, you can organize your bathroom.

7- Try mirror storage:

Well, you may have heard it before. These days, people prefer mirror cabinets. Usually, you have a mirror above the sink. But now they have a storage option in it. Also, the doors of the cabinets have mirrors outside. And, the storage is inside. In this way, you can keep your items in the cabinet. This one is mounted on the wall. Similarly, it adds extra storage to your bathroom. Many people opt for this kind of layout.


You should have storage in a kitchen as well as a bathroom. Therefore, design the layout of your bathroom. In this way, you can manage the space in the best way. Nkbc cabinets offer the perfect vanity cabinets for your bathroom. They have designed them for bath storage. Also, these cabinets hide the plumbing that creates the best layout. So, read this post to make the best use of your area.

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