Grown-Up New Year’s Eve Party Essentials!

Think about what New Year’s Eve meant to you when you were in your early-to-mid-twenties. You probably painted the town red, bar-hopping and taking advantage of having the next day off by staying up absurdly late. Sure, you were an adult, but your responsibilities other than not operating motor vehicles or getting into fights were likely limited. 
Fast forward to your 30s, 40s, and 50s. You still want to enjoy the occasion with friends after the stresses of the holiday season (especially if you have children). You’re less likely, however, to want to try to fit into the bar scene with the youngsters. Most middle-aged folks would prefer a nice house party with your nearest and dearest. It’s more relaxed, more intimate, safer, and quieter. Whether you’re hosting or attending, here are a few essential items to make sure you have on hand!

“Relaxation” Tools

We’re all adults here. We live busy lives and deserve a chance to unwind. If you’re being responsible, know your limits, and have made safe arrangements to get home, there’s no reason you shouldn’t imbibe. If you’re heading to a New Year’s Eve celebration, bring some party favors, be they cbd cigarettes for everyone to enjoy, bottles of champagne to share, or bottles of beer to hand out. It’s always good etiquette to bring enough for everyone and a few extra.
You’re probably going to be among close friends, so you’ll likely know if anyone has an aversion to any of these items or is in recovery. It may be thoughtful to check with them in advance to see if there are any alternatives you can bring or prepare, especially if you’re hosting.


Sure, the ball doesn’t drop until midnight, but what party is complete without something to munch on? You probably don’t need to prepare a full meal at that hour, and most people wouldn’t want one anyway. Your best bet is finger foods and sweats.
If you’re the host, you may ask everyone to prepare an appetizer like queso dip or pepperoni bread. If invited, offer to make your family’s favorite comfort food. Don’t worry if you’re a novice in the kitchen. You can pick up a charcuterie board or veggie tray at a local supermarket, or even a box of cookies. Just don’t wait until the last minute; you’ll likely run into huge lines and limited supplies at the grocery store on New Year’s Eve!

Fun Games

Who doesn’t love game night? On New Year’s Eve, though, you can put away “Candyland” and “Hungry, Hungry Hippos” and reach for something a little more mature. Party games are always a great way to enjoy yourself while gently ribbing your friends.
There are two basic ways you can go with a New Year’s Eve game night. First, you could stage a battle of wits using strategy-based games like “Trivial Pursuit” or “SceneIt!” This can be lots of fun as you watch your friends battle for cerebral dominance, especially as the night goes on and the wine flows. 
The other approach is to take full advantage of being in a kids-free zone and select an edgier type of game. Cards Against Humanity is designed to shock with its “Mad-Lib” style selection of offensive phrases being stitched together. Likewise, “Loaded Questions,” becomes a more adult version of “Truth-or-Dare” minus the “Dares.” Of course, everyone has their boundaries and limits, so you should only go this route if your friends are a little dirty-minded.


Of course, New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be centered around indulgence. You can have a perfectly wholesome get-together with friends and reflect on the passing year and celebrate the beginning of the new one. With streaming video options more prevalent than ever, this is a great chance to take some time and select a movie or two that you think your friends will enjoy. You can even pick a classic movie and make it the theme of your party.
New Year’s Eve is a time to transition between the holiday season and the return to business-as-usual. Use these tips to celebrate it by having fun, staying safe, and enjoying time with your friends!

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