Some Questions About The Necromancer In Diablo 2 Resurrected

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For several months in a row, I have tried several necromancer numbers in Diablo 2 Resurrected. In the process, I have found several strange places.

  1. Necromancer’s skeleton has strong vitality
    2. It can reduce resistance and damage and is more practical than aging
    3. Why do I say so about the advantages and disadvantages of bone moves and pure moves

    I’ll show you a little bit of analysis
    1. Diablo 2 Resurrected Necromancer’s skeletons have strong vitality. I found this when I killed pineapple and Barr more than ten times in a row. What I practiced was pure summoning necromancer. At the beginning, that is, when Act4 scene with difficulty 1 and pineapple are consumed, I really felt that summoning skeletons can’t help beating. When a bone prison hits, my skeletons will hang one, I had to recruit other skeletons from other places to continue fighting. At that time, I worked hard to pass difficulty 1. At Act4 of difficulty 2, I added 5 points to summon resistance, and the Diablo 2 equipment bonus was 11 points. As a result, the situation fell on one side. Pineapple released 7 ~ 8 bone prisons to kill one or two of my skeletons (at that time, my summoning skeletons and dominating skeletons were full, and I didn’t practice any other skills). It immediately made me feel like I was out of control. After summoning low resistance, a full full comprehensive resistance was added by 70%. In the later difficulty, my skeleton army was almost swept! When Barr of hell fell helplessly, my skeleton died. I don’t need to recruit from other places to supplement. It’s happy to pass! Therefore, skeletons are really a loyal and brave partner of necromancer. They are safe, reliable and have a good meat wall effect.

    2. This discovery about deepening damage and reducing resistance may be an accident. There are some monsters in hell that are free from things. My skeletons can’t help him. They have no choice but to put a deepening damage casually. As a result, I was pleasantly surprised. The monster’s D2R rune words are gone, and my skeleton can cut off his blood. Similarly, I found that reducing resistance is the highest level in curse, which also shows the comprehensiveness of this skill – reducing the monster’s overall resistance and reducing the player’s maximum defense! With this attribute, many monsters in hell can break his invalid attribute. After releasing this curse for hostile players during PK, you will find that he will die very quickly. As long as a few skeletons go up and cut him twice, they will hang up. It can definitely make a lot of changes to the PK calling necromancer in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

    3 after watching a lot of bone moves, necromancer uses the bone prison and the spirit of white bone to fight while running there, which takes both magic and operation. The players staring at the position of the monster in front of the computer have to keep pressing on their hands. Why should their bad eyesight be destroyed like this? It has been proved that the skeleton and curse that purely summon necromancer can be the burden of carrying the beam. Why bother to practice those bone moves that are not cost-effective? If it’s just to show your ability or recruit a corpse, I can tell you that it’s not necessary! Why?

    First of all, it’s important to show your ability and your own maintenance. Some people say it’s good. If you want to maintain, you don’t play at all. But why don’t you play green? Then it’s not cost-effective to be fierce and angry on the screen. Secondly, it’s the source of the corpse. In fact, the monsters in the simple scene act1 are generally weak, If there is a blackbog’s sharp, you don’t need to add poison skills to the hell level. If you don’t succeed, it depends on mercenaries. Mercenaries do this. Will the problem of the first body be so troublesome?

    Generally speaking, Diablo 2 necromancer in the summoning department is much safer than other professions. Other professions and mercenaries are nothing more than two meat pads. AMA has one more. His separate summoning department is different. After the skilled skeletons are recruited, each one is the best meat pad, not to mention more than a dozen, and the speed is fast enough and the attack power is stable. How magnificent it is to have such a group of little brothers who don’t care about their gains and losses! And you don’t have to do things yourself.

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