What you should know about motorcycle boots

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Motorcycle boots are specially made boots for motorcyclists. They ensure safety as they protect the feet and ankles, unlike regular shoes. Motorcycle boots make sure that you’re comfortable on your bike and keep your feet warm and dry. One great feature of motorcycle boots is that they can be worn both while you’re riding your bike, but also when you’re not. In that way you don’t have to switch shoes when you step off your motorcycle. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about motorcycle boots.

There are many kinds of motorcycle boots

Motorcycle boots are one of the most important elements regarding motorcycle clothing and gear. There are several kinds of boots and some of them are more suitable for racing than for casual riding and the other way around.

Boots for sports

If you’re practicing a motorcycle sport, such as dirt biking, motocross or racing, safety is the most important feature a boot should have. Accidents are more likely to happen and can be much more serious when practicing a high-speed motorcycling sport. Safe and sturdy boots can protect your feet and ankles and drastically decrease the risk of serious injuries in your feet.

Touring boots

Are you using your motorcycle for touring or getting to work? Then touring boots suffice. The most important feature of touring boots is comfort, although safety is always an important part. If you’re touring, you’re wearing your boots for a long time and sometimes stop to have a break and stretch your legs. In this case, the boots should be comfortable to walk in as well. Make sure that the boots are windproof and waterproof so that you can endure all sorts of weather.

All road boots

All road boots are the perfect midway between touring boots and boots for sports. These kinds of boots can be used on all sorts of terrains and offer ultimate protection and comfort. They are usually slightly longer than regular boots and come with a thicker sole and rougher profile. Waterproof all road boots are often made of Gore-Tex, which is a hundred percent waterproof.

motorcycle boots
What you should know about motorcycle boots 3

A good fit is important

Motorcycle boots that snug your feet are the most comfortable and very important for your safety as well. Regularly, there are new trends and technical advances in the motorcycle boot market. Producers have started to make separate boots for men and women, since the anatomy of these feet are different, ensuring ultimate comfort.

Motorcycle boots should at least cover the entire ankle. If boots are high enough to cover half of the lower leg, they are even safer and give more support in case of an accident. However, if you pick a longer boot, you should make sure that they don’t restrict your mobility so that you can still walk in them.

This is how you pick the perfect pair of boots

To test if you’ve found the perfect pair of boots, there are several things you can do. Firstly, it is important that your boots’ nose fits between the little step and the joint. If it doesn’t fit, it won’t be of much use. Secondly, it is important that the boot is fortified. Make sure there are protective patches on the nose, sides, and ankles. Also, the boots should be comfortable to walk in.

Furthermore, you should check the strength of the sole. You can try to press or twist the sole. If you are able to twist it, it’s not strong enough. Lastly, never buy boots with laces. Laces are dangerous because they can get caught behind several parts of your motorcycle. Make sure your boots have zippers, buckles or Velcro.

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