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The scenario is never something any motorcyclist wants to think about for too long, but if it happens, here’s what you should do after a motorcycle accident.

Being involved in a motorcycle accident is never something anyone wants to be part of. Aside from personal suffering and family distress, just the thought of my bike rolling down the road on its side gives me the chills.

The problem is that one day, some of us will drop a bike or have someone on their phone make a mistake that sends us off. Regardless of the case, here’s everything you should do after that occurrence to ensure your safety and receive the assistance you require.

What Should I Do Right Now Following a Collision?

First and foremost, make sure you’re okay. If the roadway is clear and there is no immediate danger, sit up and count your fingers to ensure you can move your arms. If you can walk on your own, get out of the middle of the road and go somewhere safer.

You are now a little less vulnerable, so think about where your pride is the most painful. Don’t become mad over it; the adrenaline coursing through your veins will be enough to hide much of the discomfort. You may have to wait a while before your muscles begin to feel full pain.

The third thing we need to do is make sure that the area around us is safe, a non-biking member of the public approaching a bike that’s on its side and in gear with engine running poses a serious risk of injury! The most crucial aspect here is to avoid moving the bike, since doing so would obstruct any police investigation.

Should I call the police after a crash?

Absolutely, always get on the phone as soon as you can and if possible get the police to attend. The driver of the vehicle could be uninsured, banned or even over the limit. It’s their job to find that out. The emergency services call handler will almost always send an ambulance too – even if you don’t feel like it, accept it. I guarantee after 15 minutes you’ll feel like you need it!

While waiting for the police

Then go talk to the other driver and get their information – name, insurance and registration number – and save it in your phone’s notes function or even record the conversation. Get your phone out and take some pictures of the damage while also making sure you get the other vehicle’s registration. This guarantees that the driver has the same reg for the car they’re driving.

Consider the situation from all angles.

With modern smartphones being so advanced, it’s a good idea to make a short film of the scenario and tell the camera about what you were doing at the time and what occurred. The environment will be more vivid in your memory now than it will in a few hours when you talk to your insurance professionals.

Detailed, sharp photographs construct a clear picture of the scenario.

Have as many pictures of your bike and any damage as you can. Also, grab a slew of photos of the opposing vehicle. Take a few shots that show the whole automobile instead of just detailed injuries. If necessary, it aids in constructing a timeline of events if the damage is on the car’s exterior.

Is it necessary for me to inform my insurance provider about the accident?

Regardless of who you believe is to blame, you must contact your insurance company as soon as possible. The reason for this is that it puts the driver of the vehicle on the defensive, preventing him or her from denying that a collision occurred or that they were not to blame.

Should I accept responsibility after a collision?

Now, and this is a very crucial stage of the procedure – whether or not you were to blame, do not communicate the fact to the third party or anybody at the scene. In any case, you may not be thinking clearly after an accident, and looking through your windscreen peephole could lead to misunderstanding about what happened leading up to it. The second reason is that once a confession is made, it cannot be reversed. Perjury—which is considered unethical in courts—is one possible consequence of doing so.

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