Menstruation Hygiene and Health

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Menstruation Hygiene and Health

Menstruation is a crucial process for a woman’s body to go through, that demands much attention and self-care. Maintaining good hygiene during menstruation and eating the right food can relieve the pain many women feel through this process.

Millions of women and girls worldwide menstruate, any given day. However, a large proportion of them are not aware of how to manage their menstrual health.

Menstruation hygiene products, like chlorine and latex-free sanitary pads, are essential for every woman to experience a healthy period. Here are some menstrual hygiene tips to help you keep yourself comfortable throughout the days you are on your periods.

Change the Sanitary Pad in an Interval of 4 to 6 hours.

When the menstrual blood gets released from a woman’s body, it draws numerous organisms from their bodies. These organisms increase in number due to the heat of the blood.

They, in turn, cause irritation, urinary tract infections, or rashes. Thus, it’s imperative for every woman to change their pad regularly in an interval of 4 to 6 hours. It is crucial for curbing the growth of the organisms and preventing chances of infection.

Maintain Vaginal Hygiene

It’s essential to always keep the vaginal area cleansed during periods. Use diluted soap and warm water to gently wash this part of your body. If you feel the soap to be too harsh on the vaginal skin, purchase vaginal washes.

But if at any point you find them irritating your vagina or skin, immediately discontinue using them. Know that your vagina has a mechanism through which it cleans itself. So, the washes are generally not needed. However, it does not discount the need to keep this area clean every day, especially during your periods.

Use Pads Designed for Heavy Flow

Every woman experiences heavy bleeding days. Conditions like PCOS also cause heavy and fast-flowing periods. The blood sometimes comes out with large blood clots.

It’s because when the uterus sheds the lining, the body releases anticoagulants to prevent the blood from clotting. These anticoagulants are unable to keep up with the rapid bleeding. So, blood clots are passed.

It’s imperative to use menstruation hygiene products like pads that are specially engineered for heavy flow that occurs due to conditions like PCOS. Such pads can also take in the blood clots, and you will not feel uncomfortable throughout the day.

Discard Your Sanitary Napkins Properly

A crucial aspect of maintaining menstrual hygiene and health is discarding used sanitary napkins. Wrap them firmly before throwing them so the bacteria and consequent infections don’t spread.

Don’t flush the napkins. It blocks the toilet and triggers water to flow back up. It, in turn, spreads the bacteria everywhere. After that, wash your hands as you would have touched the stained part while disposing of your used pad.

Don’t Use Two Pads at the Same Time

Never use two pads at the same time, thinking that it will control your heavy blood flow. It’s not the correct course of action as it can cause you to develop infections in your vaginal area.

It’s natural to be concerned about staining when you are on your periods. But using two pads will only prove to be harmful in the long run. Change your pads frequently instead of using two of them at once.

Apart from following these tips, you should also pay attention to your clothing. Wear light and comfortable clothes and avoid picking tight thongs or underwear for yourself during these days. You will feel better and more active when you follow these measures.

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