4 Guidelines to A Spacious Living Room

4 Guidelines to A Spacious Living Room


Who does not love a spacious room with ample space to relax in? An open concept is a solution to all the space problems within the house since it allows people to design their homes creatively with the immense amount of area they get. Installing french doors double glazed for protection and aesthetics, airy windows, light wall colours, and other necessities are needed. These products create an illusion of a large room that helps guests and residents feel like the house is spacious and free for movement.


Here are some ideas to implement the open concept into daily living standards in the main hall.


Open kitchens:

This idea is quite popular due to its appeal and convenience. Most house owners have converted their kitchens to an open concept that joins with the living room and merges gracefully. One can move freely and cook without hurdles since nothing to hide. It is also an aesthetic addition that leaves guests in awe due to how little space feels occupied when the kitchen still takes up a massive section.


Ensure using a tabletop closer to the kitchen to produce semi segregation between the two rooms. One must reduce clutter and find innovative ways to place elements on this tabletop and the kitchen to make it look organised and spacious—the lesser the barriers, the bigger the rooms.



Lighting plays a pivotal role in maintaining a spacious house. Harsh lighting emphasises clutter and bounces off the walls to saturate within the room. Warm lights are the way to go. These lights help create an illusion and mesmerise the guests with their methods. Use neatly spread lights to scatter very little light for a calm evening, which helps produce a constant vibe.


Neatly install a few bright lights over kitchens and tabletops for better vision. A chandelier can help emphasise the space availability and make it feel like ample space is available for an ornament that huge. Subtle lights behind mirrors and the TV can look appealing when the other lights dim out.


Furniture and room planning:

This part gets a little tricky. A closed house is of no use when trying to make it look big. Install french doors double glazed for security and clear sight for beauty. These see-through doors are the best way to let maximum light inside the living room. This scenario creates an illusion of merging the outdoors with the living room and enlarges the area through an optical illusion.


Ensure using large furniture instead of multiple small ones. These huge ones do not take up much space since it makes the place look capable of holding such items without clutter. Use identical colour sofas and furniture to intensify the continuous fashion, dulled gracefully by french doors double glazed with uPVC. It has a modern aesthetic to it, unmatched by any other.



You can decorate with minimalistic aesthetics to make the house look spacious. Choose different shades of the same colour used intensely within the room to push the same vibe further and declutter the living room. Wall hangings from the ceiling are a superb addition and do not look as disorganised as perceived. These decorative pieces are super trendy and add spice to the room’s blandness.


Ensure adding showcase pieces along walls and tables in a fashionable manner. Small succulents for tables and gigantic houseplants for room corners are the best picks to modernise the room and make it look rich. Ensure finding the right amount of colour mix to avoid a sudden splash of colour.

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