Lets see the importance of east pada 5 from Best vastu shastra consultant in India!

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Best vastu shastra consultant in India recommends people using east side for placing their main door even after saying that each and every direction is good as per vastu.  

Indeed, each direction is special and can be utilized for vastu benefits, provided you adhere to the rules of vastu shastra. Among the 4 prime directions, east facing orientation is considered very auspicious in general.

But if you look closely, the east side of the vastu is not a tiny portion. So, you can place your main door in many spots, which all will qualify as east facing. But will it all offer the same positive result as per Best vastu shastra consultant in India?

In reality, the east side is subdivided into 8 segments, each known as pada. There are 8 padas on east side and only 2 of them are positive, says Best vastu consultant in India. 

Let’s see if east pada 5 is good or bad pada as per vastu shastra. 

The EP 5, the 5th pada of east side in the vastu is called Surya pada and it falls in between mahendra and satya pada, which needless to say happens to be the EP 4 and Ep 6.

As per Best vastu shastra consultant in India, this entrance is negative in general. It has been found that this entrance can trigger its occupants to become extremely short-tempered at times. 

No matter, if it is one’s personal life or professional, no one likes an aggressive person. They would avoid such short tempered people, if they can. 

We all get short tempered at some time due to work stress or other reason, but this pada can trigger people bordering on insanity in some case. 

It affects a person’s job, their performance, their ability of social interaction and ultimately causes big hindrance in getting promotion and recognition.

In personal level too, being too aggressive can drive a person away from their spouse, children, pents and friends, reminds Best vastu shastra consultant in India.

Being short tempered is undesirable trait for anyone, but it can be deadly for people like businessmen, sales personal, and those who work directly in business-to-consumer sectors. 

All in all, Best vastu shastra consultant in India recommends avoiding your main door placementin here, to be on the safe side.  

However, don’t panic yet, if your main door is placed on the Surya pada. This is certainly a negative entrance but thankfully is not a major vastu defect. 

So, you won’t require making any demolition or wreckage of your property to accommodate vastu complaint changes in the main door. 

You can easily correct it by using space surgery technique as recommended from expert vastu consultant in India

All you need to do is insert a suitable metal strip right under the flooring of the main gate, such that it touches both side of the wooden frame properly.

For more information on how space surgery technique works, you need to contact Best vastu consultant in India at Vaastu Mangaal. 

Description- Vastu consultant in India reveals the features of east pada 5. It is called Mahendra and is considered as negative.

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