How can leisure management software boost profits?

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It’s well-understood amongst gym owners that leisure management software can make running a health facility a whole lot easier. From streamlining and automating various processes, such as collecting fees and marketing, to enabling customers to self-serve, software can take gyms and leisure centres to the next level.


But how exactly does it affect profitability? In this article, we’ll discuss exactly how leisure management software impacts your bottom line, how it will help you generate and retain more customers and how your management team can benefit from this kind of software.

Membership payments

The management of payments and direct debit collection that leisure management software enables can improve the efficiency of collections whilst also saving staff time. This empowers your staff to turn their attention to other areas of the gym, while revenue is maximised at the same time.


Not only can software increase the efficiency and accuracy of collections, but it also eliminates the need for paper. Members can sign up online using the customer interface, then the entire onboarding process is done digitally.


You can also benefit from a payment customer service team when partnering with a leisure management software firm. They will act as an extension to your business, handling any payment-related queries that customers may have.

Marketing, engagement and customer retention

Aside from all the time and money this software saves you through automation and process improvement, its marketing features can also make a massive difference. The marketing and engagement services can result in a tremendous ROI because they enable you to inform your tactics using data and create highly personalised communications.


Here’s what the software can offer you and your clients:



  • Cross-channel communications – including online, email, SMS, and app notifications.


  • Automated and targeted communications – Meaning the right message will be sent at the right time, to the right audience.


  • Data-powered strategies enhanced by a team of experienced gym managers and software experts.


  • Tailored to your needs, executed by the software provider in the background.


  • No manual data exports – improved security and data protection.


  • Unsubscribes (text & email) and details of communications sent automatically recorded in your database.


All these powerful tools can be used to maximise the time people stay with your gym and attract customers on a hitherto unseen scale. You can also design and launch advertising campaigns using leisure management software, achieving things such as:

  • Flexible, highly targeted advertising


  • Awareness and acquisition campaigns


  • Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram


  • Social media management


  • One-off and ongoing campaigns


  • Full Google Analytics tracking & reporting


  • Promotion codes – enhanced performance tracking


  • Content & image creation


If you would like some help getting started with leisure management software, or if you have any queries, contact us today. We can answer any technical questions you may have, offer pricing information or tell you a bit more about our service. Reach out to one of our friendly advisers today.


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