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It is next to impossible to keep the skin flawless and fresh all the time. As an adult, we all have our own share of skin concerns in the form of recurring acne, a mark from childhood, blemishes, or dark circles due to inadequate sleep and much more. The struggle to keep up with all these skin-related problems is real but thankfully we have Color Corrector Make-up Product in the picture to fix all the skin imperfections through a variety of color hues that matches the real skin tone.

From hiding dark circles, pimples, dark spots, and acne to redness, this magical beauty product does everything. For all the make-up beginners, this blog is the breakdown of easy tips that can be considered when choosing the right color to correct different spots on the skin. The quest to find the right Color Corrector that will work parallel with your skin requirements ends right here.

Ways to Find the Right Color Corrector


Decide the Color You Need 

Color Correcting guide works exclusively based on color wheel that has different arrays to cover the acne, dark circles, and blemishes. The pro tip to choosing the right corrector is based on the principle of two opposite colors canceling out each other. The major color correctors that are widely used by people are two shades- orange and Green Color Corrector.Orange Color is the perfect pick for canceling the dark circles, redness, and pale skin. Meanwhile, Green Color Corrector blends evenly to minimize the spots and blemishes.

Choose the Formula 

The most important thing to figure out while choosing the Color Corrector is to formula. They come in 3 different states-creamy, sticks, or powder. Each of the correctors offers different buildable coverage and fulfills different skin requirements. It is recommended to pick Creamy Color Corrector for smooth and blendable gliding. This improves the texture of the skin by delivering long-lasting results.

Look for Skin Loving Ingredients 

Make-up and the goodness of natural and skin-loving ingredients go hand in hand. Hence, it is important to choose Color Corrector with skincare benefits that play a cupid in setting the flawless make-up look. Try SERY Fade It Color Corrector in shades of orange and green that are infused with Tropical oil. It nourishes and boosts the skin, helping to keep it balanced and healthy.

Quick Tips to Apply Color Corrector

Once you have chosen the correct color hues to get over the skin woes, follow these steps to make a difference in your make-up.

  • Begin with prepping the skin using Hydrating Face Primer or any moisturizing cream. This will create an even base for the make-up and give your skin a radiating effect and nourishment.
  • Now identify the target areas with skin imperfections and apply the corrector to that particular spot. After application, lightly dab the corrector to set it evenly. Apply small layers of the corrector and use a Concealer Brush for seamless blending. Seal the color with High Coverage Concealer if needed.
  • Take the foundation matching the skin tone and apply it all over the face in the form of small dots. Now take a damp sponge and dab with light hands to spread it equally.
  • Finally set the make-up by dabbing some loose powder on the face and it will soak away all the excess oil and sweat.

Color Corrector is really amazing as they brilliantly conceal all the skin-related problems. Use this blog as your go-to guide to find the right Corrector for your make-up.

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