Cheap but Effective Adjustments to Improve Your Dirt Bike Performance

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Cheap but Effective Adjustments to Improve Your Dirt Bike Performance

If you own a dirt bike, regardless of whether you bought it brand new or used, it means you have enough money to shell out for its maintenance. Proper maintenance will get you the best out of your bike. However, it can lose its edge over time like other vehicles.

If you want your old dirt bike to outrun even those bikes that are fresh off the manufacturer’s showroom, your bike must be loaded with high-end aftermarket parts. But these parts cost as much as the bike itself.

Fortunately, you can make some adjustments on your bike without spending a hefty amount of money. Below are the recommended dirt bike accessories that can improve your bike’s performance without breaking your bank.

Seat cover

Replacing your seat cover is a must, especially if the one you are using is already a few years old. An old seat will have you spending all your energy, trying not to slip off while riding. Use a grippy or pleated seat cover, and you will stay planted and comfortable on your bike, not to mention the boost of confidence it provides.

Adjust suspension clickers

Adjusting your bike’s suspension clickers improves the overall riding comfort, reducing your fatigue while riding. With this in mind, you won’t have a hard time getting to the finish line. If you can shell some money, getting a digital sag scale can help you adjust much faster without spending some gas on finding the right measurements.

Add a slip-on

Forget about buying a complete exhaust system that is very expensive. A new slip-on may be the most expensive piece in this list, but it’s way cheaper than having a system overhaul. Moreover, it is easier to instal. A slip-on can boost your dirt bike’s performance, plus it sounds great!

New grips

Your body can adjust to your bike’s imperfect settings, and this happens without you realising it. If your grips are too old, worn, and beat down, then it’s time for you to get a new one! A set of soft, sticky grips reduce the arm pump, which can make you feel like you’re riding a brand-new bike!

Air filter intake kit

This could be a little pricey, but this piece is worth an investment. It will help you replace your air filter fast, and it blocks debris and dirt better than any filter in the market.

Moreover, it can boost the power of your bike’s engine by increasing the airflow in it. It can be installed on the stock airbox, but it requires a few skills. It’s highly doable, though.

Spark plug

The spark plug is one of the pieces that most bike owners often overlook. Burning the air and fuel mixture well can boost your bike’s engine – a struggle to an old, dirty spark plug. With this in mind, a new spark plug is cheap, so don’t withhold it!

A well-maintained dirt bike will run as good as brand new regardless of its age. Replacing some old parts and adding some dirt bike accessories, whether engine or rider related, can boost your bike’s overall performance. Besides, keeping your bike in top condition can make your ride more comfortable and safer.

With these tips, you can improve your bike’s performance and riding experience without hurting your budget.

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