Ideas for Home Remodeling in Highland Park

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Each of us has our own understanding of coziness, and this feeling does not depend on square feet at all. But still, specific recommendations for adapting the space will help to successfully correct the flaws of the perimeter, and endow each meter with functionality.

In this regard, it is worth learning rationality from professional remodelers and designers. They reject high backs of furniture, bulky objects, unnecessary paraphernalia, heavy layering of curtains, replacing them with comfortable blinds, panels of the same name, or roll-curtains, manipulating streams of light with a lifting mechanism.

Living Space in Highland Park like in other cities in the USA costs lots of money, so it’s beneficial to optimize it. One of the tasks of home remodeling in Highland Park is living space optimization. To insure yourself in your own experiments, and to help create optimal comfort, creative ideas that are available for implementation in the formats of different apartments will help. Until it comes to practice, it’s best to start with a detailed plan and sketching. At the initial stage, the geometry of the house should be of interest: height and width, the presence of a niche, doors, communication paths. The next level is assigned to geography – it is required to draw up a “map” of the location of interior items.


“Soft” design

Non-standard solution

Niche format

Any design should have a focal point – an architectural accent or a group of elements that require stylistic support. This role can be played by panoramic windows, columns or antique furniture that set the concept. Based on the point of attention, a designer chain is built of decorative links that require expression through colors, finishes, furniture, and attributes.

It is not at all necessary to arrange a storage room for unnecessary things under the stairs of a two-level house. The use of universal drywall will make it possible to turn any sketches into practical reality. In a combination of beautiful finishes and local lighting, any idea claims to be original.


In Corner Space

A niche is not easy to diversify the interior but to fulfill the dream of a personal account with a library, to become a place for a wardrobe, a schoolchild’s work area, or a playroom for a kid. To arrange all this you can take the services of a local home improvement company and join their team while they improve your home. The purpose primarily depends on its location relative to the front door. In the perimeter of the corridor, unclaimed space will become an argument in favor of equipping cabinets and shelving.


Luxurious wardrobe

Work zone


The uniqueness in the design of the niche can be achieved with exquisite stained glass panels. They can serve as a false window or decorate the entire opening with a glass panel. A fragile structure is also successfully installed in a blind or through space under the stairs. The functionality of the bottom bay depends on the purpose and method of installation. The ability of a decorative door to easily slide along the profile will cover the contents of the wardrobe and elegantly decorate the hallway. Continue what you started and rhyme the windows in unison with the color variation. It is appropriate to duplicate the original on glass or choose Roman shades to match the mosaic panel.


Stained glass windows

There are many ways to equip dressing rooms with asymmetric verticals. In the popular version, the shelves are fastened between two supports, leaving the middle for the ironing board. A built-in wardrobe with roller drawers for convenient operation is often organized. However, if you have other plans regarding the monopoly of things under the stairs, why not move the storage system to the bedroom? We will borrow the experience of the Japanese, who prefer to fold things under the floor and correct the idea in our own way. As a basis in the technical part, we will take an adapted system for moving boxes in the grooves.


Equip the bedroom

For a decent volume, a meter depth module is enough. It is not forbidden to put the small-sized version behind a high headboard, and to equip it with roll-out hangers and sliding shelves on one side of the cabinet, while retaining the right to the usual use of the upper sections with hinged fronts. The structural part has the right to independence and modification and will be registered in any segment.


Functional module

The height of the mattress podium is adjustable according to your wishes. A high platform with numerous sections in the form of a chest of drawers will save space in half.


On a high podium

Other schemes are possible if you leave in the past the stereotypes about the constant presence of furniture in the room. Start from the transformational possibilities of objects in relation to the time of day, and appreciate the advantage of folding structures. During the day, the bed will be hidden by the doors of the closet, and in the evening it will provide a place of residence for a tired body. The wardrobe bed is a pleasant combination of ergonomics and comfort. The disadvantages include the modest capacity of the module, due to the number of shelves on one side.

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