IAS Preparation Tips for Working Professionals

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IAS Preparation Tips for Working Professionals

The recruitment process for the Civil Service Examination 2021 has started. The Union Public Service Commission has announced 712 vacancies for this year. As one would already know that lakhs of candidates apply for the UPSC examination, hence, it becomes all the more difficult for aspirants who prepare for this examination while working.

The UPSC is going to take preliminary examination on 27th June 2021. The candidates who are working must be fully-aware of the examination process to save their time for preparation. They must know about UPSC Syllabus, notification, IAS Hall Ticket, exam pattern, etc, before they start their journey to become an administrator.

Challenges of Working Professionals in UPSC

Many candidates start their IAS preparation during their schools or colleges. While there are many who opt to prepare while staying at their jobs. Let’s know what is difference between the preparation at home and preparation while working:

Preparation at Home for UPSC Working Professional Preparation for UPSC
There is no lack of time Time is a constraint and a big factor
No major responsibility while studying Official responsibilities will always be there
Aspirants can study at their own comfort Working professionals have to manage their preparation with their office-timings
Tiredness is often managed with short breaks from study One is often found lethargic after travel back and forth from office
One can plan a timetable weekly Working professional mostly have to depend upon their weekends to stretch their preparation

With the above-mentioned difference, one must find working and preparing for the UPSC examination, a hard nut to crack. However, there are still ways to constructively manage their day to bring out the effective results.

Tips and Tricks for Working Professionals to Crack IAS

  1. The candidates should learn time management while working as it will bring out the best results. Tasks like revision of small notes, newspaper reading and daily current affairs from any website can be done while one travels from home to office or back to home.
  2. The use of digital media could be the boon for working professionals as they can learn to complete their syllabus using online sources.
  3. Online applications like Evernote should be put to its maximum use for making notes as they become a best tool for revision while one be at anyplace of job.
  4. Best use of coffee or tea breaks and lunch time should be adapted by the working professionals. Though it is a little hard, once one gets the hang of it, they can finish their daily studies in no time.
  5. Put weekends in the full-preparation mode stretching study-hours to 12-14 hours. Sometimes, the number of hours looks big but always know that there are people who are studying this much every day.

There are no shortcuts to preparation but one can be smart while preparing. Working people can too find their names in the final UPSC Result when their planning is on the right track. There is no doubt that when working professionals reach the interview stage, UPSC panelists always have huge admiration for such fellows who could manage both studies and work.

Don’t forget IAS topper Anudeep Durushetty is one among those few who cracked the exam while working full time. Buckle up for UPSC 2021 and give your best shot.

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