How to treat muscle sores after a workout

Having sore muscles after a workout isn’t a nice feeling. It’s proof that you did some serious work at the gym, and your body feels the weight. You may think some of the soreness is due to the accumulation of lactic acid, but often, it’s not. It’s as a result of a shock that your muscles were sent to by because of overstretching. DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness, is the significant muscle soreness that typically comes 24 to 48 hours after a rigorous workout. That has little to do with lactic acidosis. You’ll experience soreness after a challenging or unfamiliar exercise. These are exercises like squats, running downhill, sit-ups, and such.

Following are some remedies to muscles soreness

Consume more mushrooms

Research has proved that mushrooms contain anti-inflammatory properties that are great in reducing muscle soreness. These compounds are known as polysaccharides, and they work to minimize cytokine concentration responsible for causing inflammation.

An active cool-down

Your muscles need to be prepared for recovery after a workout. Buy fisiocrem or some other effective cream, and then after applying it to your muscles, engage in some less strenuous exercises by spending some time at a 50% decrease in activity after your workout. Research has shown that it leads to better blood flow and thus reduces blood lactate. You could even try some 20 minutes of moderate-intensity cycling after a rigorous workout.

Try tart cherry juice.

The tart cherry juice is rich in antioxidants, and research released in 2010 found that long-distance runners who tool this type of juice had decreased muscle pain. Just like mushrooms, the anti-inflammatory properties in cherries are beneficial in doing away with muscle soreness. But before you get the juice, check the sugar level in it. Some could have too much of it, and that could downplay your workout effort.

Try a massage

This may look obvious to you, but the fact is some good massage will help get rid of soreness. A study in 2012 found that post-exercise massage reduces pains significantly, and that is through the reduction of the release of inflammation compounds -the cytokines. Massage also stimulates mitochondria in cells, and that promotes cell repair and function.

Wearing a compressor gear

Sometimes you’ve seen some people putting on some gear, and you think they’re showing off what they’ve put in. Compression gear is perfect for reducing muscle soreness. It constricts your muscles and prevents fluid buildup while increasing blood flow. It’s known for removing the ache-causing enzyme called creatine kinase.

Sleep is awesome

Sleep involves physiological functions that aren’t always easy to separate and define. Lack of sleep could lead to high levels of inflammation. Inflammation may not be a factor in causing DOMS, but it leads to the soreness of the muscles. You may think it’s obvious, but hitting the sack could be your only solution to your sore muscles. Applying some fisiocrem gel some serious rest helps alleviate that condition.

After a rigorous exercise, you need to give your body time to heal. You’ll experience some soreness, but if you understand what to do, then you will find it easy.

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