How to Start a Business in Dubai – Complete Guide

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Yes, a non-UAE national can indeed start a business in Dubai too, and many already have. The foreign population is over 80%, with most of them owning their own businesses. This is not surprising anymore as many of these people decided to leave their home countries for good and settle down in Dubai. A lot of them even choose to rent a house or an apartment in Dubai.

However, foreigners cannot freely register any company in Dubai without the need for specialized certificates and licenses. And even then, entrepreneurs would still need the assistance of certain agencies to get things moving smoothly. The government of Dubai is quite strict when it comes to matters of foreign incorporation into the country. So much so that foreigners registering for businesses in Dubai are required to have a D visa. They also have to present several documents to prove that they are what they say they are – citizens of another country. These requirements are not on the part of Dubai authorities alone.

Several factors make Dubai one of the most preferred business destinations for foreigners. First of all, the city has one of the easiest setups for all procedures in the world. All that needs to be done to establish a company in Dubai is to pay the necessary fees to the concerned authority and then comply with the set laws. It is no longer a big ask to avail of free zones if you are a non-Emirates national.

Another plus point about establishing a business in Dubai is its free trade zones. There are four zones in Dubai where companies can operate free of charge. These zones are Dubai Business Centers, Dubai Marketing District, Dubai Middle East Hotel, and Festival City. In addition, they do not require any business licenses. So, if you do not have a trading license or business licenses from other countries, you do not have to worry about it in Dubai.

One important thing about the free zones in Dubai is that they require registered agents. These agents are responsible for the corporate formation and for any legal issues that may arise. Registered agents working for a Dubai free zone company need to follow all the rules and regulations set forth in the company formation contract.

Registration of a Dubai free zone company is done in the Companies House in Dubai. This is done by the authorized officials in the emirate. If you are looking to start a business in Dubai then you have to appoint an official as well as an accountant for the purpose. You have to keep this factor in mind, as failure to register the company or the official can lead to heavy penalties.

Company Formation in Dubai: A Step by Step Complete Guide

The Companies House also provides the necessary documents and information required for the business owners to start a business in Dubai. You can contact them directly to get all the information you need. If you wish to know how to start a business in Dubai then there are many websites on the internet that can answer your queries. Most of these websites have been directly sponsored or supported by leading companies and organizations from Dubai.

If you want to start a business in Dubai then you need to understand that you need to get the approval of the UAE Trade and Industrial Department (UTID). The first step you need to take is to submit your application for the registration of your company in the free zones of Dubai. If you make the mistake of submitting the application in the wrong location or at the wrong address, then you might be denied the registration of your company. The next step is to get the license application form from the concerned office on the mainland. You can contact your license department in the Fujairah creative city for the proper fax number or address of the office, which will issue the license. The business license should be presented before the concerned officials in order to obtain permission for operating your trade or profession.

Dubai – Simple to Set Up a Business in Dubai

Yes, a non-Muslim can open a business in Dubai, and quite a number do. The population is more than 80% foreign, with most of these having their own established businesses. Dubai is host to many business formation experts and set up agents, both national and international, designed to assist new business owners through the process of setting up a company in the city-state. The majority of the world’s major multinational companies have their registered offices in Dubai. This means that for any entrepreneur, the opportunity to set up an office there could open up many new doors both domestically and abroad. But why would someone choose to open a company in Dubai?

A company-type called a “national”, in Dubai simply refers to any company registered with the Dubai Civil Registry. Because of the growing importance of multinational corporations, many nations have been vying for the attention of these global business giants, many of which offer a very attractive package for new entrepreneurs, including low-income tax rates and visa acceptance for businessmen traveling on business trips. For this reason, more foreigners are looking towards Dubai as the first step on their way to greener pastures.

In order to begin the process of opening a company in Dubai, the only thing a foreign national will need to do is fill out an “application and registration” form for a license to operate a company in the free zone. When completing this form, you will be asked if you are of legal residence in the UAE. If so, you may proceed to complete the rest of the forms.

Give you help to start business in dubai

If you decide to earn money online while in the free zone, you will find it necessary to obtain a UAE national ID card. This card is valid for spending purposes only and cannot be used for personal purposes. The cost of obtaining a UAE national ID card is about three thousand Dubai Dinar (approximately $150) and is usually processed upon arriving in the free zone.

Once you are in the free zone, business entrepreneurs in Dubai can obtain a business license from the concerned division or ministry of commerce and industries. The license may be renewed annually and must be renewed on the date that falls under its duration. Business license applications are not very complicated and most companies handling such tasks can handle them easily.

Businessmen who intend to set up a restaurant in the free zone should apply for a trade license in Dubai. Trade license applications are not too difficult to process, and it takes about three to four days to receive the application. Once the document is received, the trader will be required to appear in person to receive his business license.

The procedures for obtaining a residence permit are comparatively more elaborate, but the whole procedure can take up to a month if the businessman is prepared to spend the time and obtain the permits promptly. In order to start a business in Dubai, the entrepreneur has to register at the Dubai Migration and Immigration Department (DMID). After submitting the necessary documents, the entrepreneur will be awarded his permit to reside in the free zone for two years. The residence permit serves as legal proof that the entrepreneur has acquired legal permission to run the business activities in Dubai. This is one of the easiest ways to set up a business and also one of the fastest.

The last procedure to set up a business in Dubai is to open a bank account. Companies are required to open a bank account in Dubai by submitting necessary documents to the government authorities. These include a company registration certificate, proof of financial activity, the name of the owner, and the legal status of the company. Once these papers are submitted to the government authorities, they will check the records and verify the information provided. Only then the company can receive a debit card that is linked to the company’s account.

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