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Setting up a business or company in remote areas can offer you a competitive advantage, but it comes with its downsides. The site may be off-grid, so you have to look for a power alternative to run your business as you wait for the main grid power to reach those areas.

Thankfully, there are many other off-grid power alternatives, from power generators to solar energy, wind energy, etc., you can use to power your business in a remote area. With the right power investment, you can run your business smoothly without power outage interruptions and losses. Let us look at some alternatives you can invest into power your remote business.

A commercial generator

No matter the business, a commercial generator can mitigate the risk of a shutdown if the area is off the grid. Some companies in the cities even use commercial generators as their full-time energy source. There are various types of commercial generators designed to serve different purposes depending on the load requirements.

Other than scheduled maintenance, a commercial power generator runs 24/7 to power your facility or business all through. You can learn more about commercial power generators by researching online or consulting with a generator selling company.

Solar energy

Solar energy has been the alternative for powering off-the-grid businesses, and the best thing is that it is renewable. Solar technology has advanced over the years, and these days there are even lighter solar panels. New in the solar industry is photovoltaic roof tiles called solar shingles, which are aesthetically pleasing and tougher than traditional solar panels. However, they can be expensive to install.

One downside of solar energy is that it is only reliable on sunny days. It can cause business inconveniences during the winter and rainy seasons when there is no sun. However, you can install a power generator to power your business when solar energy is not sufficient.

Wind energy

Wind energy is continuously growing in popularity, although at a slow pace. You can take advantage of wind energy to power your business in a rural area. Wind energy is a sustainable and renewable energy source that you can obtain by installing wind turbines. Like solar panels, wind turbines have advanced due to technology and can be installed in private businesses. However, wind turbines can be expensive to install and work best in a windy area. Also, you have to check with your local government on the laws they have in place regarding wind turbine installations.

Microhydro electricity

If your business is near a source of running water like a stream or a brook, you can consider micro hydroelectricity to power your business. Hydroelectricity utilizes water to produce energy. That is the energy of water flowing from high to lower areas. It converts the flow of the running water into rotational energy, which transforms electricity via a pump, waterwheel, or turbine. It is less expensive to install compared to other off-grid power alternatives. However, it needs a particular on-site condition where there is a water source.


With these off-grid power alternative sources, you can choose the most convenient way to power your remote business.

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