Best How To Manage Messy Hair in 2022

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How To Manage Messy Hair

Having messy hair can be a pain. Spending hours brushing and taming wild locks can feel like a chore that never ends, but farming out the task to a blow-out bar or a salon can cost you more money than you’d like to spend on beautification services. Rather than cutting your trailing tresses, follow ten tips to make your hair more manageable and easier to maintain.

Sleep With a Bonnet

Bonnets help hold the hair in place while you’re sleeping. You wear them over your hair like a sleeping cap, and they are traditionally made with satin on the inside. Bonnets also eliminate unwanted fuzz and frizz from tossing and turning to maintain hairstyles for longer.

Don’t Wash Hair Every Day

Hair creates natural oils that help protect it from environmental pollutants and damage from UV rays. These oils help keep your scalp healthy rather than oily, flaky, or dry. Too much washing can strip hair of natural oils necessary for strong, shiny hair.

Use Satin Pillow Cases

If you have ever heard the term, a bird’s nest, it refers to what happens when your toss and turn on your pillow throughout the night. Using satin rather than cotton helps eliminate frizz and excess tangling while you sleep.

Don’t Forget About Nutrition

When your health is in proper form, it shows in all aspects of your body. Eating a balanced diet with plenty of protein and complex carbs supports healthy hair too. Some people take supplements, like a fish oil supplement or a multivitamin, to add more elements to their daily regimen.

Put Your Hair Up

Another way to keep your hair smooth without delving into the drama of dragging a hairbrush through it another time is to put it up in the last few days before rewashing it. Many people with long hair braid it or style it an updo. Smart styling protects the hair from further damage and keeps it from looking unkempt or oily.

Don’t Leave in Ponytail

Especially with long hair, prolonged use of ponytails can be damaging. The weight of the hair breaks weak strands around the face and causes a thick layer of flyaways that is both irritating and prone to static cling. Unless you prefer styling this area of your hair, remember to section out your ponytail or only keep it up for short periods.

Messy Hair : Apply Leave-In Conditioner

Every few washes, take time to apply a leave-in conditioner. Some people prefer leave-in conditioners that stay in until the next wash, whereas others prefer the hair mask-like options that rinse out in 30 minutes to an hour. No matter your preference, lengthened conditioning sessions can help add moisture back into dry hair.

Don’t Overprocess Messy Hair

Different hairstyles and changing coiffure colors will always be in style. However, it is essential to remember to give your hair a break from processing. Work with your stylist to schedule breaks where your hair can rest before coloring it again.

Messy Hair : Use Protective Serum

When you get out of the shower, apply a protective serum to shield it from heated styling and environmental harm. Most serums coat the hair evenly, making it easier to brush once dried.

Don’t Brush Messy Hair When Wet

It can be challenging to resist brushing hair right out of the shower but just let it be. Brushing wet hair causes it to break and splinter, leaving you with dry, brittle hair. Save the brushing for after its dry and adequately coated with a protective serum.

Remember that regular trims to remove dead ends and hair mask treatments also help keep hair sleek and manageable. However, keeping your long hair healthy is part of a process that begins and ends with you, so find a routine that works for your regimen and schedule and stick with it for the best results.

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