How to Make Use of Lead Management System to Sell Faster

Experience the wide range of features and benefits with Teleduce to manage your leads and sell faster.



When you use an Integrated platform like Teleduce, you don’t have to integrate with third-party websites.

Because, Teleduce caters you everything starting from a Marketing tool, sales, Inbuilt communication, Customer support, Customer Success Management.

But if you are already using any of the websites Teleduce lets you integrate with them so that you don’t have to miss any lead.

You can integrate with Social Media like Facebook, Justdial, 99acres,, Shopify and so many others from the library of Teleduce.



Lead Box

Lead Management System in Teleduce is known as Lead Box.

Lead Box captures all the generated from Marketing campaigns like Email, SMS, Landing pages, Website and from social media, third-party websites as well.

This module has all the leads, their information, lead source, lead status and type of lead.


Lead Engagement

In Teleduce Lead Management System you can instantly communicate with the leads through various ways like Call, SMS, Whatsapp and Email.

All the engagements are Inbuilt and can be tracked in the system.

This will help to know the communication history of the lead and his/her interest in the product.



Lead Dashboard displays the overall information of the lead in one look.



Top of the Lead Dashboard you will get to see the metrics

  1. Number of Open Leads
  2. Number of Hot Leads
  3. Number of Prospects
  4. Number of Proposals
  5. Number of Payment Followup’s
  6. Number of leads in Free Trial Phase

You can customize these metrics and choose what your business wants to track.


Mobile Lead Management System



Mobile CRM was designed considering the hustle and urgency of a business owner and a team.

Metrics and critical information is shown on colorful tiles to prompt you

to take necessary action.

You can check the unassigned lead tile if there are any and inform the team or assign a lead owner. This simple feature helps you to not miss a single lead.


Sales CRM:

A separate module for leads and lead information.

  1. Business information.
  2. History of engagement.
  3. Schedule meetings.
  4. Take notes.

You can take care of your customers and close new deals on the go with Teleduce App.


Other features include:-


1. Add quick lead

To enable you to add a lead faster quick lead option is introduced.

You can add a lead by providing anime and mobile numbers.


2. Filter

With the huge data and numerous leads flowing on an everyday basis.

It’s difficult to look at them one by one.

Filtering options like Name, Email, Lead source, requirement, location, and other filters will make your search easier.


3. Upload existing leads

You can also add/upload existing leads into Lead Box via Excel Sheet or so.


4. Lead Information

Along with basic details of the lead, you will also have access to:-


5. Activity

Activity displays all the tasks, messages between the customer and notes.

So that you can track all of the activities of customers in one place.


6. Tasks

You can track your upcoming tasks like calls, meetings here.


7. Notes

This feature is to take note of your customer requirements or highlights of the communication between executive and customer.


8. Meetings

You can schedule meetings in Teleduce and track them.



With the extensive features of Teleduce Lead Box, you can speed up the engagement process, pitch your product and take follow-ups and close the customer.

It’s never too late to invest in an Integrated CRM tool like Teleduce.

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