A guide on how to maintain quartz countertops

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A countertop is the attention seeker of every kitchen. A well-maintained countertop is the sign of a perfect household. Whether you have granite, marble, or quartz countertops, their care is obligatory. No matter what, quartz is an excellent choice for countertops. Why? Because they require low maintenance. 

First of all, quartz countertops do not require high maintenance. Secondly, you can keep its looks by regular cleaning. Therefore, people prefer quartz for their countertops. Taking proper care and proper maintenance will ensure your quartz keeps looking its best. 

By following some steps you can maintain your quartz countertops. To have a beautiful and longer-lasting outlook, consider the following tried and tested actions:

  1. Regular cleaning
  2. Use a mild soap mixture
  3. Scrape off the dried chunks
  4. Use a good toner for tough stains
  5. Clean the spills immediately
  6. Use pot mats for hot pans
  7. Use a cutting board
  8. Avoid using harsh cleansers

1- Regular cleaning:

It is essential to clean the countertops daily. Whether it is a bathroom countertop or a kitchen countertop, regular cleaning is a requirement. However, quartz countertops are low maintenance. But regular cleaning will make it shine for a long time. 

Similarly, start your day with gentle wipes. In the same way, wipe the countertop with a damp cloth or sponge at the end of the day. These simple actions will prevent it from damage.

2- Use mild soap mixture:

Mild soap mixtures are best for countertop maintenance. First of all, add some soap to warm water. Secondly, use a cloth or a sponge for cleaning. This warm soap mixture is best for regular stains. Avoid using hot water for cleaning purposes. Use this mixture whenever you think you need it. This way, the countertop surface will shine and look clean.

3- Scrape off the dried chunks:

Quartz countertops are not that hard to maintain. For the food chunks, make sure they do not stick long on the surface. To remove any food chunks, gently scrape the dried food off the surface. Try to do it with soft hands. However, do not do extra scratching. It may damage its surface. 

Similarly, don’t let the chunk stay on the countertop for long. For easy and fast access, keep the knife near the countertop. 

4- Use a good toner for tough stains:

Some stains do not go away fast. For such tough stains, use a good toner. Firstly, make sure that the toner is best for these countertops. Secondly, read the chemicals used in it. A local toner or cleanser may damage its top surface. Therefore, be careful while using any toner. 

Similarly, pour the stain remover on the stain for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Let the stain leave its place. Then, wipe it with a cloth or sponge. However, do this gently. Do not scratch the top surface. 

5- Clean the spills immediately:

Quartz is one of the most stain-resistant stones but still allows the spill to remain on the surface. Whether it is a chemical, a soft drink, or even water. Clean up the spill right away. Therefore, you won’t damage your countertop. 

Similarly, in the case of tea or coffee, be careful. Some stains leave their mark on the countertops. Besides, a coffee stain won’t go that easily. For such tough stains, use a good cleanser.

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6- Use pot mats for hot pans:

Leaving a hot pan on the quartz top surface is not a good idea. Therefore, to prevent it from damaging, use pot mats underneath the hot pans. As a result, the heat will not affect its surface. It helps maintain the quality of quartz.

 Similarly, use coasters for hot tea spills. Besides, if you are having a citrus drink, use coasters for that too. The acidic spills may react to the surface. These simple tips are magical. 

7- Use cutting board:

Cutting vegetables directly on the countertops is not a good idea. It can damage the natural look of the stone. Therefore, make use of cutting boards for chopping. Although quartz is scratch-resistant, using knives will make the surface go dull. Use a cutting board to maintain the look of your countertop.

8- Avoid using harsh cleansers:

Using harsh chemicals for cleaning purposes can damage its shiny surface and your countertops price per sqaure feet. First of all, do not purchase cleansers from any local store. Second, look for cleaners made specifically for countertops. An authentic cleaner is better than any chemical. The harsh chemicals may react to the surface. Therefore, be careful to avoid any consequences.


In conclusion, it is not that hard to maintain quartz countertops. A quality countertop is usually heat and stain-resistant. However, care and maintenance are in your hands. Maintaining countertops is easy with some simple guidelines and steps. Therefore, do regular cleaning, use mild soap mixtures and stain removers. Similarly, use pot mats and cutting boards. These precautions are best for a long-lasting experience.

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