How to Grow Your Social Media Impact With Video Content

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By 2022, online videos will be making up over 82% of the entire consumer traffic- 15 x higher than what it was in the year 2017. With figures like that, it is not surprising to find more and more marketers turning their focus to videos more than any other form of traditional content.

79% of customers prefer learning about products and services through videos. So, what do you think? Is your business meeting this requirement? You might have heard about the significance of video on social media platforms.

Good quality social media marketing videos attract user attention and encourage engagement simultaneously. But are you aware of the platforms and the strategies that can help you grow your social media impact with videos?

A solid plan here and a clear understanding of the right way of making the most out of social media video content is must. So, on that note, here are some useful tips to grow your social media impact:

1. Have a Solid Strategy

Having a solid strategy works for everything you do in life, so why not video making? A well-thought-out and perfectly implemented strategy makes the heart of an effective marketing endeavor.

Start by considering your entire marketing strategy. Be clear on what you are looking to accomplish with your social media video content and how you will be getting to that point. Remember, the better your video usage strategy, the better will be the results.

2. Make Your Social Media Videos Accessible

The accessibility of your video content on the different social media platforms matters.Around 466 million individuals across the world are hearing impaired or deaf. So, make your videos and social media efforts accessible to all.

Remember, the sound is one of the most significant parts of your social media videos, and it’s not just the hearing impaired individuals who cannot hear the sound in your video. 85% of online consumers prefer watching videos on mute. So, work on the sound and accessibility of social media videos accordingly.

Add alternative text and closed captions to all your animations, GIFs, and videos for every user to enjoy. You can use a video maker to add subtitles and captions to the videos you upload on different social media platforms.

3. Try to Grab Attention Instantly

Plan your video marketing strategy in a way so you can catch the attention of the audience instantly. As per research, 33% of the individuals stop watching a video after 30 seconds, while 45% of them leave a video after a minute.

Social media operates at breakneck speed, and you must be quick enough to attract the audiences’ attention if you want to grow your social media impact with videos.

4. Make the Effective Use of How-To Videos As Much As You Can

Nowadays, people are more interested in learning about a product or a service by watching it in action. Perhaps, there has been a 70% increase in how-to searches on YouTube, which means you must also resort to making how-to videos for better social media impact.

It is not difficult to create good quality how-to videos. Start by brainstorming some common or frequent client questions that you need to address. Now make a crisp how-to video where who provides solutions or answers to the customers’ questions.

An excellent example of using the how-to video technique like a pro is BuzzFeed Tasty, the world’s largest food network where you can search, watch, and cook every recipe and video.

The how-to videos from this brand go viral in minutes mainly because they can be easily replicated and because they are easy to understand at the same time. Some top recipes that the brand has posted have even received more than 202 million views.

The brand recently did something different by collaborating with Migos, the American rap group, to make its Stir Fry video. This is an eye-catching and shareable video current with pop culture. Tasty was not late in hitting the mark with this splendid influencer video that received 84K shares, 9.9 million views, and 110K likes.

5. Make Your CTAs Intentional

It is a must to include a strong and clear CTA or Call to Action in your social media video and a social copy of the same. Make sure you are clear about the action you want your viewers to take after watching your video and be explicit about this intent in your CTA.

CTAs that are instrumental in driving conversions offer measurable results helping businesses reach their objectives. Remember, the key to the most effective call to action is that it must be easy to spot by the audience and super intuitive at the same time. This way, the audience will know the result of their action.

Also, do not hesitate to place your CTA in more than one place. You are placing it in your video for sure and making it a point to place it in your social copy and other marketing materials.

And yes, do not forget to consider the tone of your video when determining the type of CTA to select. Make sure your CTA matches the tone of your video regardless of whether it is serious, inspirational, casual, or educational.

6. Have a Concise and Clear Message

It is effortless to get overwhelmed by the large number of possibilities you get while making a video. While it is true that videos have huge potential, it is also important to note that we can falter very easily when making videos.

Therefore, it is crucial to have an easy-to-understand, straightforward and clear main message when making result-oriented branded content. Avoid making things too complex, and ensure you deliver your intended message as simply and swiftly as possible.

Final Thoughts

Social media video marketing campaigns have huge potential. The impact of social media videos can take businesses to great heights of success. They help companies reach more audiences than any other medium and connect with them while also ensuring that a certain amount of trust is successfully built in the viewers.

But it is only the most engaging and interesting video content that successfully gets across to the viewers from the flood of content online.


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