How to get Sponsored Deals from brands if you’re an Instagram Influencer?

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Hello, in this post we are going to be discussing how Small and Big Influencers on almost any platform can score some great brand sponsorships and make a ton of money by promoting the brand’s products on their Social Media Page. 

If you’re an influencer with more than 10 thousand Instagram Followers, or on any other platform, the chances of you scoring a good brand deal increase exponentially, brands prefer influencers who have a great impact in their local community as it helps them reach people otherwise they would miss with relatively traditional advertisements. But the main question is, how do you get the brand to work with you? Don’t worry, today we will discuss all of the methods and ways in which you can get a brand deal if you’re an influencer.

  • How to approach brands for a sponsor deal?

Approaching a brand for a sponsored spot can be nerve-racking sometimes, what if they say no? What if that affected your potential future deals with that brand? For that we say, please don’t worry at all, the best way to score a brand sponsorship deal is to either work with a Digital Marketing Agency, for example, IG BEAST MEDIA. If you have a partnership with a marketing firm you can be relaxed as they will do all of the work for you.

Now you’ll be asking that why a Marketing Company such as IG BEAST MEDIA with help you get a sponsored deal? See the thing here is, these companies make money via commissions from these brands when they refer an Influencer to them for advertisement or any other purpose. For Example: If IG BEAST MEDIA refers an influencer to Google to promote one of their products and the Pay is $5k per post, then the marketing agency with take 10% of that amount, so the influencer will be paid $4.5k and $500 will be the commission for IG BEAST MEDIA.

This is the reason why almost all big influencers prefer to work with a marketing company, as they do all of the work for influencers, from talking with to company to negotiating the exact points for the deal. Influencers can be hands-free and just enjoy the privilege of working with such marketing companies.

  • What other ways can an Influencer get brand-sponsored deals?

Influencers can directly approach any brand via direct emails, but unfortunately, the turnaround rate for that is quite low since brands prefer to work with PR and Marketing companies such as IG BEAST MEDIA to ease the process of finding the influencers and getting the best deals possible for them as well. If you want to find brand sponsorships or brand deals, I would highly recommend you to checkout or work with any professional PR and Marketing company such as IG BEAST MEDIA as it really will help you find great brand sponsorships. Just make sure that you work with an authentic brand as many fake companies won’t help you get many deals.

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