How to choose a motorcycle moving company

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Often, you want to buy a motorcycle, but shipping it to your country can be pretty a challenge. That’s why you need a mover to help you. There are logistics involved, from the country of origin to your country. Doing it yourself has its implications and can be costly.

There are many moving companies today, and therefore may be confusing to get the right company. But one of the things you have to remember is that getting a good deal doesn’t mean quality service.

What then do you consider?

Work with a licensed transport mover only.

The transport and motoring department in Queensland regulates the importation of motorcycles, and therefore every mover must get a license. A credible mover should be able to post the license on its website. Without the proof of the operating authority is reason enough not to hire a mover. A licensed mover will give you quality service, and you’re sure your motorbike will reach the destination in perfect condition.

Choose a motorcycle moving specialist.

Most international shipping companies offer general moving services for cars, tractors, motorcycles, and others. Such companies are not specialists in motorcycle moving, and therefore they don’t have the right equipment to handle such in the right way. Check out in their portfolio whether they have handled such clients before. If you see more of car transportation, then you know there are nitty-gritty they don’t understand about motorcycle transportation.

Look for Motorcycle Transporters with the right tools and modern equipment to guarantee excellent work. Motorcycles are tricky and fragile, and therefore you should entrust their transportation to a purely motorcycle moving company.

Select a mover with modern equipment

Shipping a motorcycle is not easy. You have to get a mover who uses modern methods to secure them while on the move. A specialist straps your bike using E-track straps and handling methods. A reliable mover uses motorcycle-specific tie-downs, strapping it securely to the floor of the trailer. When you get a good one, they’ll use at least four motorcycle tie-downs to a special skid or pallet that will help it protect it from damage. Before you choose the motorbike mover, get the details of how it will be secured while being transported. They should at least provide pictures of how you’ll handle them. Shiply creates many jobs for drivers.

Pick a motorcycle company with good customer service.

Before you confine yourself to a motorcycle mover, you need to find out how reliable they are. The first call should tell you what to expect in the period you’ll be dealing with them. Find out if you’ll have a dedicated staff who will keep you updated on every stage of the move. Check out how easy it is to type your order online with well-documented addresses and phone numbers.

When choosing a motorcycle moving company, go for one that will ensure perfect delivery within the agreed timelines. You should get a quote with proper documentation to know if you’ve value for your money.

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