How to choose a bankruptcy service

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Watch a serious hard-working family thrown out of their home in bankruptcy proceedings, turning their backs on the wall as someone led them to a cheap and unreliable bankruptcy service to help solve their problems. There is nothing more painful than that. Things have become so harsh these days that even a few days of temporary dismissal of a family can put everyone at risk of a financial crisis. 

People with such temporary problems know that things can get better really quickly. And to prevent creditors from breaking into their homes, they were able to detain lawyers from Yellow Page, which specializes in Maksātnespēja services. In many cases, they receive your money, sell you hope, and can never do their job.

They were able to save their conscience by stupid things like “What did you expect at a bargain in the basement, all my attention”. This kind of work isn’t that complicated-he’ll just have to show up and submit your promise that you’re going to respect your debt. But if he doesn’t, they will oppose you, and you don’t know until the day when a courtman appears to let you know that you are now an intruder into your own home. 

They call these cheap bankruptcy companies bankruptcy factories-you understand the idea-they just provide you with ordinary revolving door services. These are huge offices with a crowd of bankruptcy petition writers and fresh law students working in sweatshop conditions, you reorganize your money, keep debt collectors away, and seize. We will gladly give you poor advice on how to prevent the possibility. You will receive a lot of junk emails from them, and they also advertised everywhere. Some of these services have run out of real law firms.

You may be impressed by a name like a law firm at the door, but the department is actually just 100% overworked, directed by one very frustrated lawyer who doesn’t care too much. May be run by a secretary. Other types of bankruptcy factories do not actually call themselves law firms. They call them bankruptcy petitioners. These are people who have some experience who have worked with or under a lawyer once. They are run in storefronts, and boys, they are cheap.

So what happens when you go to one of these people? How bad is that? These minced meat exercises can cost you your life savings, your home, and your shots of future happiness. These bankruptcy services, called factories, can give you such bad information and you will have a hard time believing that you are in the United States, a country where everything should be properly regulated. Imagine three students in northern New York suffering from a student loan. They thought they could approach the over-the-counter Maksātnespēja petitioner to submit Chapter 7 to allow student loans. 

Of course, that’s not possible, but the bankruptcy service was completely happy to receive their money and tell them that the work was done a few days later. And the collection agents started calling after a few years, and they have this in their credit record.

We could continue many times, but the bankruptcy factory clearly made an exception to this. They say there are some errors here, only expected, given the amount they are dealing with.  Do you want someone to need you? Bankruptcy services say they do not promise to provide you full service for the $ 200 they charge you. They only do the bare minimum, and it’s up to you, the customer, to make sure that all t intersect and i are scattered. But how do you defend someone giving false information?

Someone sold a pair of sneakers on the street for $ 1.50. Of course this is amazing and I thought I would check them out. They used nails to nail the soles to the uppers. The nail was sticking out to the inside of the shoe.

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, there are other options you may want to consider first. For example, what about the consolidation of government debt that can give you some relief?

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