How Do You Draw Support and Resistance Lines in Binomo?

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How Do You Draw Support and Resistance Lines in Binomo?

Support and resistance levels are horizontal price levels formed by attaching price bar maxima to other price bar maxima or low points to lows on a price movement.

Lines of support/resistance levels aid in determining how much the price swings over time. It must be noteworthy if the value is constantly pushed to flip at the same rate. Know the level of support/resistance is one of the most important characteristics for a trader to develop.

For investors who rely heavily on fundamental analysis, the significance of support and resistance levels is enormous. A support or resistance level is produced when an economy’s pricing behavior reverses and begins to move, staying behind a maximum or low.

Support and Resistance

Support and resistance are price levels on charts that seem to act as roadblocks, preventing an item’s valuation from moving in a specific direction. Traders use them to assess chart patterns.

When a downtrend is expected to cease owing to a concentration of supply, support occurs, while resistance occurs when an upswing is expected to cease according to a concentration of supply. When the price of resources or securities declines and demand for the products grows, the support line is created.

Meanwhile, as prices rise, resistance arises as a result of greater selling desire. Such price boundaries may be used for probable entry or exit routes if a region or territory of support or resistance has been created. When a price reaches a point of support or resistance, it can either move away from it or smash it and follow the path of the support or resistance before moving on to the next level of support or resistance.

The odds support a pattern halt or reversal, support and resistance thresholds are used to identify different prices on a chart.

Identifying Support and Resistance Zones

When the price reaches this position, it flips and drops at least twice. It is referred to as a resistance zone. The resistance zone and the support zone are comparable. When the price reaches the support level, it changes direction and rises at least twice more. The resistance level will be the new support level if the price increases rapidly and exceeds the resistance level.

If your line intersects more than two price levels, it has strong support/resistance. When the price finally breaks through the support/resistance level, the growing trend is usually robust. When the price drops to this support level, it is almost certain to rebound again. When the value drops significantly and exceeds the support level, on the other hand, the support level becomes the new resistance level.

Drawing Process of Support and Resistance Lines in Binomo

It is simple to set up the Support and Resistance Indicators on Binomo. To make your support and resistance lines, utilize the line tool in the Indicators and Tools menu.

  • Select the chart preferences icon.
  • Select the tab tool and drag it to the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose a horizontal line to create a support line. On your graph, the line will display. Now all you have to do is insert it in the appropriate location.
  • Pick a low spot on your graph that you want to focus on. To draw a line, click that spot. Then, to complete the support line, pick another position with a comparable low.
  • If you want, you can modify the line’s color and width. To do so, firstly tap on the pen symbol, then adjust the parameters.
  • Next, draw lines at the tops and bottoms of the price. Bottoms are support levels, and tops are resistance levels.
  • To finish sketching support/resistance zones, hit stop drawing.

Another way is to employ a trend line. You pick it in the same manner, by clicking the graphical tools button and then selecting “Trend line.” You commence the line where you would like to begin and then stretch it horizontally until it reaches the spot where you want it to terminate.

The distinction between utilizing a “horizontal line” and a “trend line” is this. On the graph, the first one is limitless in both dimensions. The second is restricted.


Investors can use support and resistance levels to predict when a trend is likely to change. When it comes to selecting the optimum trading entry points for a certain property, investors will be better directed. Support/resistance trading necessitates a tremendous lot of patience and skill. It is critical to understand the level of support/resistance and respond accordingly.

When an investor knows when to use price action appropriately, he will improve his productivity and have more time to look at graphs. After the price breaks, your job is to figure out when the optimal time is to place the transaction.

It may be helpful to predict a level of resistance as it is a market price that might potentially impair a long position, implying that buyers are desperate to sell the investment. To invest efficiently, traders should have a complete understanding of the support and resistance levels.

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