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Nurses are a very important part of the healthcare sector. As they spend a large time with patients. So, they have to face many risks in their working time because they have to walk into the rooms of patients experiencing mental distress or interact with aggressive visitors. To ensure their safety, medical duress is very important for them. They have to suffer from violent attacks, when the nurses were restraining patients, triaging patients, or performing invasive procedures. Without medical duress, you cannot ensure the security of your staff. By medical duress, every staff can handle every complex case easily.

A safe working environment is an essential support for every health sector. If you want to reduce cases of staff duress, you should read this article carefully.

How Can Help You Medical Duress

To ensure the security of the staff, RTLS duress is the best option for you that is a reliable wireless solution for you. You will get immediate response to concerned parties during a threatening security emergency by this duress. It is wireless technology to enable an immediate response during a security emergency by instantly locating the exact location of the employee under duress. This technology includes RFID tags, stationary panic buttons, fixed location pull-cord units, and BLE beacons. Staff can wear wireless devices that can be activated in different ways in the event of a threatening situation.

There is a button press solution, that healthcare staff can press a button. When they get notice the possibility of an attack by a patient or visitor. When they feel threatened, they can press the button, which sends an audible or inaudible notification of their exact location and a timestamp. The hospital has a central command system, that will receive the notification and protect them.

Also, immediately and deliver real-time assistance to the staff. We offer you many types of healthcare facilities. Such as you can get benefits from pull cord units and badges that are tethered to accessories or watches. These accessories can get an alarm signal from interconnected devices or in the central command system that prevents the employee from reaching the panic button.

If you try to determine the best-fit options for a healthcare system, RTLS technology deployment can be the best solution for you. As employee safety is critical, location technology solutions include the ability to detect a user’s exact location and response time. At the time of emergency, security staff can locate the precise location of an employee under duress. By the medical duress system, staff can get confidence that they are always protected through a simple button-press or pull cord. For this reason, they can focus on their duty easily.

RTLS duress has many benefits for enhancing staff safety. With this advanced technology, your hospitals can promote staff satisfaction and enhance patient service delivery because medical duress is a manageable system. This system gives employees a safe working environment. For this reason, healthcare staff will be able to deliver higher-quality services to patients, and hospitals will be able to improve patient safety outcomes. Hospital reputation will be increasing day by day if you can ensure patient safety.


The medical duress system allows staff to better focus on patient care. It is a security responsibility that can provide real-time data for achieving interoperability in your healthcare institution, boost ROI drive, save search times, and enhance patient-first attitudes. If you ensure the safety of your staff, you should contact us for getting the best support for better health care.

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