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Watching TV is something that everyone does when they feel bored, but what if we have the same boring TV channels and the same boring TV shows to watch? We’ll eventually lose interest in it, right? Am I correct? So, to prevent this situation, many technology companies have introduced TV apps that have thousands of TV channels under interesting categories such as sports, movies, TV shows, TV series, cooking channels, discovery, fashion, cartoons, and many more.

Fawesome TV is a free application that contains a list of channels that is well personalized to meet your interests. Fawesome bears a user friendly interface where you can turn your PC into a TV within seconds. This service streams hundreds of channels under many categories such as education, food, fitness, entertainment, fashion and style, games, health, sports, and as well as Horror. You can stream any channel under these above categories and watch as much as you want. I hope this would give you a chance to relax after a busy day. Well now, let’s get to the features.

Features of Fawesome TV that you’ll fell in love with

  • Fawesome TV is an absolutely free TV application that streams awesome HD movies, famous TV shows, educational stuff, lifestyle content along with cooking and fashion, travel, health, comedy, discovery, and many more.
  • This TV application offers over more than ten thousand movies and TV shows from over 25 genres including family, thriller, action, horror, comedy and etc., and 250+ free channels as well.
  • Fawesome TV is a fully free application and there are zero subscriptions to be done. You don’t have to spend money on watching TV. All you got to do is just enjoy the content and give yourself a break from all the busy stuff and your busy lifestyle.
  • The content in the application updates daily with new movies and TV shows. So that the people who watch won’t lose interest or get bored.
  • This can be streamed on Amazon TV, Fire TV, Roku TV, Firestick, and etc.

Download Fawesome for Android TV

Fawesome also bears silent features such as a library of movies and TV shows, high quality videos, legal streaming (Unlimited), sorted titles under various categories, search bar, daily addition of new content such as popular films and TV shows, and many more.

This application is a safe application to be used that has been verified under Google Play Protect. Thus you can watch any content, any channel using this application if you feel bored of watching ordinary television. 

Fawesome TV is offered by Future Today Inc. and has officially been released on the 11th of July 2019. With its latest updates, it has offered a better viewing experience and also a watch list to add your favorite movies and TV shows to one basket in order to access them easily. It has also fixed some bug problems and increased its performance. So, why are you waiting? Hurry up and install it now!!!!

You can download this application using default app store. First search this app on Google Play Store on Android TV boxes or Amazon App Store on Fire TV devices. If you are unable to install this application using those app stores, you can try alternative app stores.

There are not many Android TV app stores that has Movies and TV shows apps. From the few options, AppLinked App, FileSynced app and Unlinked are the most popular. In order to download this application via AppLinked, you have to find AppLinked Code. Same applied for other two app stores.

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