Everything You Need To Know About The Crime Rate In Melbourne, Australia

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A crime rate gives a good insight into the incidence of crime in an area. It is obtained by taking into account the number of crimes and the area’s total population. Melbourne has a moderate crime rate of 45.28 in which vandalism and theft take the top spot with 52.99.

According to the Australian Bureau Of Statistics, the most common crime in Australia was causing grievous hurt to individuals (comprising 23% of the total crimes) for the years 2020-2021. So you can see that the most recent crimes in Melbourne, Australia, involve hurting individuals, defacing property, and theft. All these can be prevented if you have security doors in Melbourne in homes and offices alike.

Here is all you need to know about the crime rate in Melbourne, Australia:

Teenage Crimes For Mischief And Standard Of Living

Since 2019, there has been a surge in teenage Crimes. These crimes are done out of mischief and on an excellent standard of living. The individuals involved in these crimes get confidence from the fact that they can’t be persecuted if caught. They try to run away after robbing a house. They will be counseled and set free.

Incidence Of Burglary Is Rampant

Melbourne has its share of individuals coming from the bottom rung of society. These individuals are only concerned with getting huge sums of money to improve their quality of life. Burglary allows them to have the desired way of life. At times by hiding themselves from the house owners. While at other times, threatening the owners of dire consequences while trying to get their most prized possessions., 41% of individuals presently living in Melbourne are worried about potential burglaries in their home. Security doors in Melbourne will relieve you from worry.

Presence Of Various Gangs For Having A Quality Of Life

Apex Gangs is a term given to the refugees who have gathered together to get the most out of the native’s resources. Many gangs were formed after the development of Australia began. People started moving out of the countryside to get the better economic opportunities present in newly developed urban areas. A few of them resorted to stealing to get the amenities through a shortcut. Some of the offspring of these migrants have continued to make stealing and robbing a way of life.

Low-Levels Of Intentional Road Crimes

Pickpocketing needs to be done often and has a higher chance of getting discovered. Hence, the individuals who want a higher standard of living will depend upon encroaching on the private properties of affluent people.


Encroaching into other people’s property is done to avoid getting caught by the traffic police or ordinary folk. The roads with low traffic of people at certain times of the day have regular police patrolling to scare off criminals. Security doors in Melbourne home will ward off criminals from your space since they will get intimidated by the tight security system. Even if they try to break in, their hopes are vanquished. Don’t you want to do your bit to lower your city’s crime rate, Melbourne? Simply get high-quality steel doors! Who knows about the next target of criminals? Get yours now!

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