A Guide for Getting the Most Out of Your Essential Oils

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Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of aromatic plant oils known as essential oils, which play a significant role in experiencing the benefits of this method.

For the purpose of relaxing, most people prefer to use roll on essential oils. Applying the roller ball to the skin is all that’s required to feel the calming effects of aromatherapy whenever and wherever you choose. These lightweight cases are simple to store away in a drawer or on your bedside table.

Understanding Fragrance Notes

Have you ever noticed a change in the aroma of an essential oil mix after using it on your skin? This is because the individual essential oils in various blends have variable rates of evaporation.

Layers of fragrance, built on the oil’s notes, are added to mixes. The “note” of essential oil is defined by how rapidly the oil’s aroma fades when exposed to the atmosphere.

These fragrance layers are divided into three categories:

  • Top Note: This is the light and airy fragrance that a person detects first when using an essential oil blend. These oils are the most fleeting because of their low volatility.
  • Middle Note: Middle note scents (sometimes called heart notes) reveal their aromas once the first burst of fragrance has faded. These gentler, warmer aromas may take a few minutes to resonate in your senses. This subsequent layer of evaporation often contains the fragrance’s authentic aroma or core.
  • Base Note: Oils used for a base note are typically the slowest to evaporate because of their density, intensity, and richness. These are commonly used to tie all the notes together.

Application of Essential Oils

There are certain instances in which you might expect greater results from using essential oils than others. The first thing you must consider is the purpose of usage. Some of the most popular uses for roll-on essential oils are discussed below:

1.     Pulse Points

A pulse point is any spot on your body where you can feel your heart beating. The pulse becomes less noticeable as one moves farther from the heart. You can test the following major acupressure points:

  • The temporal artery, or temples
  • Carotid artery on the side of the neck
  • Radial artery
  • Brachial artery located within the inner elbow

Certain pulse spots are more preferred than others, but everyone has their inclinations. So make sure to find a spot that works for you.

2.     The Wrist

Roll-on essential oils are often applied to the inside of the wrist. The inner wrist, just below the thumb, is a pulse point because of the radial artery.

3.     Concealment Behind Ears

The region behind your ears isn’t a real pulse point, but its thin skin makes it more porous than the thicker skin elsewhere on your body. Specifically, the area is situated behind the ear and the jawbone.

4.     On the Neck

The neck is a perfect spot to aid breathing because of its proximity to the nasal passages. Even if you find the scent of essential oils rather overpowering for your face, you could discover that the perfume drifting from your neck is just right.

Wrapping Up

The use of essential oils topically is an effective method of experiencing aromatherapy’s benefits. Roll-on essential oils are convenient for aromatherapy just on the move, whether you’re looking to lift your spirits, relax your mind, or merely enjoy a pleasant smell.

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