Eli Manna Puts Stamp In Music History

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As time pushes forward and music continues to evolve, it seems every generation has what we would consider a groundbreaking artist. A creative who typically possesses an ability to stretch the boundaries of what’s been done or break it altogether. The most recent that comes to mind is Michael Jackson, a pioneer for the art of music. And although there will never be another Michael Jackson, there may just be a young artist just as influential.

Justin Elijah D’Anthony Reid, better known as Eli Manna, is a 20 year old musician based in Jacksonville, FL. Born in Atlanta, GA, Eli grew up around southern hospitality and with that, southern spirituality. That ultimately led to his upcoming album, The God Complex. A truly beautiful and complex storyline, an omnipotent narration and colorful lyricism and vocals is the DNA of this project. But that is not what allowed the young artist to put a stamp on music history.

The God Complex, set to release October 10th, 2021, is the first studio recorded album to contain 10 distinctive genres. From Rap to Classical and everything in between. Eli Manna has done what no artist has before. The project is a story taking place at the beginning of Eli’s life. He then proceeds to walk with God through each important memory in his lifetime in chronological order, each being represented by a song.

Eli Manna’s The God Complex, out October 15th 2021.

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