Eco Style Bathrooms – Alone with Nature

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Eco Style Bathrooms

eco style Bathrooms represent the one place in the house where we can truly relax, away from the noise of the household. It’s the room where we can be alone in tranquility, as we take a relaxing bubble bath. However, as we are surrounded by tile and other bathroom items, we can’t help but see how devoid of natural warmth the place often feels.

This is why eco style bathrooms have gained so much popularity nowadays. They bring vitality and life to a place that usually has none. People are beginning to add more and more plants in the bathroom, so that they may be alone with nature even if they have not left the house.

Eco style bathrooms A Fresh Breath of Oxygen

Most bathrooms, unlike the other rooms in the house, tend to not have many windows – and if they do, it is usually one small window. This is common in apartments, as it keeps the neighbors from seeing you as you are using the bathroom.

Still, without a larger window, you don’t have a lot of oxygen going through the bathroom – something that can complicate things when you are taking a hot, long bath, for example.

“Plant life in your bathroom adds warmth and fresh oxygen to spaces that can sometimes be sterile,” says Leaf and June plant designer, Lisa Muñoz. “It’s important to keep in mind that plants require natural sunlight. I wouldn’t recommend adding plants to your bathroom without it. Be sure to move the plant to a location with natural light a few days a week and keep an eye on the health of the plant,” Muñoz also adds.

Ideally, hanging flowers near the bathroom window might be a great choice. Look for the types that cascade or crawl over a plant hanger, as they will add a touch of color to an otherwise simple canvas.

An Invigorating Traditionalist Design

Plants also have the knack of bringing life to a room, which is why many of us tend to pack every room with as many plants as we can. This vitality can also be brought to the bathroom, to give you a dose of energy. “What’s more invigorating than a jungle? Waking up, brushing your teeth—I want it to be entertaining for me,” says Florida home designer Fitz Pullin on this matter.

A good idea to make your plants pop and to bring more nature to your bathroom is to add other natural elements. “Minimal natural styles are perfect for the Japandi look, particularly wood, pebbles, stone and lots of texture,” is what Helen Jones of Ripples Bathrooms tells us. You do not have to renovate the whole bathroom, but some décor items would work just as well.

A Focus on Functionality

Not everyone has the luxury of owning a large bathroom, which is why you need to be careful about which plants you choose to decorate this room. Focus on the plants that do not take much space and keep the layout of your bathroom in mind. The last thing you want is to have a huge fern plant poking your eyes out as you are trying to brush your teeth.

A snake plant placed on the floor, underneath a wall-mounted sink can save you a lot of space while making the bathroom look more natural. Plus, it’s the perfect choice for bathrooms, as they are great for purifying the air. When you don’t have many windows for proper ventilation, these types of plants can improve the quality of the air.

Choosing the Right Plant

Not every plant can thrive in the bathroom, which is why you must make sure you pick the right kind for the environment. “Think of the plant’s native environment: Pick plants that call tropical places home,” says Erin Marino of The Still. She suggests that you add bird’s nest fern. “Native to areas of Southeast Asia and Polynesia, the bird’s nest fern loves the extra moisture a bathroom can provide,” she adds.

The Bottom Line

Eco style bathrooms bring nature in a place that otherwise seems sterile, but you should know how to pick the plants. Go for tropical plants, and if possible, make sure that you place them in light’s way.

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