E gift cards – The perfect gift for any occasion

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Buying gifts for people can be quite a hassle. Being invited to occasions is fun and exciting, but settling on the perfect gift is not an easy thing. You need to take into consideration the occasion, gender, age, likes and dislikes and budget. Buying a gift is not only time consuming but also extremely difficult. What you might have selected as the perfect gift could not be well appreciated by the receiver. Therefore, to prevent the whole nuisance, it’s best to buy an e gift card.

The Australian e gift card market has had rapid growth since 2020. The digital gifting market has been estimated to reach $ 4 billion by the end of 2024. The pandemic has largely shaped and changed the gifting mentality of Australians. They looked for good and dignified alternatives to staying in touch with their family and friends. Since the introduction of e gift cards, there has been a tremendous shift in the gifting experience in Australia.

Types of E gift cards:

Mastercard or Visa gift cards: Since these cards are accepted wherever MasterCard and visa debit/credit cards are accommodated, you can use this to shop nearly everywhere.

Multi-store gift cards: People largely prefer to buy an e-gift card that has flexibility. Multi-store cards are extremely resilient. This e gift card is redeemable at all the restaurants and stores listed on the card. Moreover, there is no expiration date, activation fee or non-use fees with this option. There are unlimited choices, thus making this the best gift for almost any occasion.

Amazon gift cards: With the increasing popularity of online stores, it is safe to buy an e gift card provided by amazon. Everyone loves to sit and buy whatever they like from the comfort of their homes, therefore making this an ideal gift for the pandemic years. Moreover, Amazon provides endless products to buy from, giving the receiver unlimited flexibility.

Music e gift cards: Who doesn’t like listening to music? Although tastes and preferences may vary, the desire to listen to songs while doing almost anything is universal. Getting to access music for free is unmatched happiness. When you are planning to buy a music e gift card, all you need to consider is the music platform the receiver prefers. Based on your preference, you can choose between google, apple or Spotify e-card.

Benefits of e gift cards:

Freedom of choice: With the entire world switching to online rapidly, e gift cards provide the receiver with a wide range of options to choose from.

Safety and security: E gift cards work almost like debit or credit cards. In case of theft or hacking, the card can be frozen, and the money will be secure. Once the problem has been solved, you can unfreeze your card and continue using it as before.

Ease of access and use – Since e gift cards are already paid for by the provider, all the receiver needs to do is to add in the code of the card to make a purchase.

Convenience: Since the e gift cards are sent to the person’s email or SMS, they can be used anywhere and anytime. This also maintains safety as it is in the receiver’s mobile or laptop.

Availability of tracking option: In case you buy an e gift card for a child or a young shopper, you can easily control and monitor the spending by either adding a limited amount of money to the gift card or by restricting the shopping options.

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