Distracted driving surrounds any activity that takes your eyes off the road while driving. From texting to eating or checking on the kids in the rearview mirror while driving, distracted driving is far too common, but it is very dangerous. It leads to the loss of the psychological focus required to drive safely. It’s not only phones and gadgets that can distract a driver when driving but also other equipment in the car.

Engaging in other activities while driving can cause a fatal distracted driving car accident which is why every driver must do everything possible to avoid it. Car crashes and accidents due to distracted driving are in thousands every year, even though it is a negligent act that is avoidable.


Drivers say that texting is the greatest distracted driving problem. According to distracted driving statistics 2021, nearly four out of every 10drivers picked texting as the biggest distraction while driving. 22% of drivers admit to texting while driving, while most of them say that they never text or do it a few times ever. 11% revealed that they text when driving several times a day, while the rest 11% revealed that they text when driving a few times during the day.

While many drivers claim they never engage in distractive activities while driving, others admit to engaging in many other activities that distract them. Some of the statistics for distracted driving include:

  • 52% of the respondents used in the research admitted to eating while driving.
  • 22% report texting while driving.
  • 11% report taking photos while driving.
  • 6% report applying makeup while driving.
  • Only 3% admitted to drinking while driving.

The Zebra survey also researched how many people in America view distracted driving as dangerous and how many do not.

  • 36% of the participants agree that using a mobile gadget while driving hinders the ability to drive, yet only 36% agree to using mobile phones while driving.
  • Only half of the participants agree that texting while driving is just as dangerous as drinking and driving despite many studies proving that texting also limits your awareness and focus.
  • 1% of participants aged 24-35years claim they feel high pressure to respond to text messages while driving. 12% said they never feel any pressure at all to answer text messages while driving.
  • 17% of the participants aged 18-24years feel the most pressure to answer texts while driving. This is also the age group that tends t be involved in many distracted driving accidents.

So why do people text while driving?

  • 29% say that they text due to urgent situations, for example, the need to tell a family member something.
  • 21% say they text to inform someone that they have arrived somewhere.
  • 19% text to reply to messages.
  • 11% text for work purposes.
  • 9% text to notify someone of a change in plans.
  • 7% text to say hello.
  • 4% text to send a shopping list.

The conclusion

Distracted driving not only leads to serious car accidents, but you can also get a ticket and end up paying higher auto insurance rates. You could also face jail time or be banned from driving. Therefore it is vital to avoid any activities that might distract you while driving.

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