What are the Different Disposable Takeaway Containers that are available in Singapore?

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What comes to your mind when we say carrying food with convenience and great ease? Disposable takeaway containers! You got it right. Disposable takeaway containers are the best options for serving takeaway meals to consumers. In Singapore, the use of disposable takeaway containers is widely seen.

Especially, when COVID-19 hit the planet, disposable takeaway containers have turned out to be lifesavers for restaurants. Amidst the virus outbreak, the majority of the restaurants had closed their dining rooms and moved to takeaway orders serving and delivery, which increased the usage of disposable takeaway containers in Singapore. Restaurant management and people prefer such containers as they are safe and healthy for storing food.

Worldwide, online ordering increased during COVID-19, which made restaurant owners think more about disposable food packaging, due to its increased usage. Thanks to all the food container suppliers in Singapore, plastic container suppliers, and other disposable takeaway containers suppliers in Singapore, who made it possible for people and businesses to use disposable containers during the pandemic.

You will often see disposable food packaging in coffee shops, food courts, and restaurants. Disposable food containers are widely used in malls, supermarkets, and other mass markets. It’s easy to shop around when you have disposable containers with you, you can carry all your shopping stuff (even if It’s heavy) in disposable paper bags. The aims of, food container supplier Singapore, plastic container supplier, and many other disposable takeaway containers suppliers in Singapore are to simply make buying easy, comfortable, and a great experience for the customers.

Disposable containers are now more of a modern lifestyle. You have non-stop meetings in a day, you are travelling frequently and you are running errands. When you have such a busy routine, you don’t even get time to stop and eat. But with disposable takeaway food containers, you can easily have one hand on your laptop and the other hand picking a food bite from the disposable box. Eat and dispose of it!

Let us now check what different disposable takeaway containers are available in Singapore. So that when you are choosing any of these containers, you know what makes these containers good for keeping food safe and healthy.

Types of Disposable Takeaway Containers Singapore 

There are a variety of disposable takeaway containers available in Singapore. Many customers and food businesses choose the one which suits best to their needs.

1. Disposable Plastic Containers

Disposable plastic containers are the most commonly used disposable takeaway containers. They are used for disposable food packaging. Containers like these have become more of a fashion. The food remains intact in the containers.

You will find different sorts of disposable takeaway plastic containers, in different sizes and styles. Some have built-in small portions so that you can keep different delicious food pieces together and carry on your healthy diet with ease. A wide variety allows keeping all kinds of food. It’s strong, cheap, flexible, and lightweight. This makes it a popular choice for many people.

It is so widely used for selling food that now it’s almost impossible to imagine any other effective way to sell, eat or transport food. Disposable food packaging in plastic has really made our lives easier. Being strong and durable, it comes as one of the best options for disposable takeaway containers.

2. Paper Bags

Disposable food packaging is not only limited to air-tight plastic containers. There is another disposable takeaway container that has been giving a tough competition to plastic for so many years, Paper Bags! Paper bags are a famous choice when it comes to shopping and disposable food packaging. It’s long-lasting and eco-friendly, which makes it a favorite choice. Producers are making paper bags that are more strong and durable.

They are designed in box shape which enables them to stay in an upright position. The best part about paper bags is, they can keep many items at a time. So when you are returning from the food court with the takeaway order, you don’t have to worry about holding so many bags at a time. Because you can use a paper bag disposable takeaway container and keep many delicious food items together in a single paper bag! It’s lightweight, easy to carry, and comfortable to handle.

Paper bags are now more sort of a style statement. The brands spend so much money, time, and effort to design visually appealing bags which can reinforce the brand value in the consumers’ minds. No matter, if you sell coffee, tea, bakery items, snacks, and nuts, using visually pretty-looking paper bags can add more brand value for your consumers. The custom brand-designed paper bag can be your great marketing tactic.

3. StyroFoam boxes 

Styrofoam boxes are polystyrene products and are made from polyesters, synthetic resins, and plastics. Have you wondered why you never feel the heat of a coffee cup when you hold it? Because the disposable coffee cups have Styrofoam, which is heat resistant and prevents food from getting rotten. Its long-lasting, lightweight, water-resistant, and high moisture resistant These characteristics of Styrofoam give it more efficacy.

Different Styrofoam boxes are available in Singapore for different foods including, western food, seafood, and burger box. Just like disposable plastic containers, it has sections that make it easy for you to place different foods in one box. The best part, it is inexpensive!

Let’s see how this type of disposable takeaway container helps you. Just think of it. It’s your birthday party at your house and you have ordered some really scrumptious food from a restaurant. Everyone is hungry and keenly waiting for the food to arrive.

It finally reaches you, but the bad part, it is not piping hot although it was supposed to be. Now you cannot have it without heating it again. You feel frustrated and your guests keep waiting for the food to be served.

To avoid such annoying situations, many restaurants prefer to use Styrofoam boxes as it averts the heat transfer and keeps the food hot. That is why restaurants carefully need to think from many aspects about disposable food packaging because if the wrong packaging is selected, it can tarnish the brand image.

4. Paper boxes 

Paper boxes are another popular type of disposable takeaway container used in Singapore. It is a biodegradable product. Whenever you intend to take away food, you wish to have a disposable container that is light, flexible, and easy to carry. Paper boxes fulfill all these requirements of yours.

In recent years, its manufacturing has increased, because it caters to particular customer needs. It is made sure during their manufacturing that the boxes remain in a straight position to keep the food intact. Food is always fresh in these containers. Disposable takeaway paper boxes are famous because with their amazing features they offer great convenience, that too at a budget-friendly cost!

Good packaging with eye-catchy custom designs appeals to customers. It motivates the customers to make purchases. Many food businesses use disposable takeaway paper box containers to give customers great functional packaging and wide storage which is easy to handle.

Since it is a biodegradable product, it’s a safe and sustainable product for the environment, which makes it a famous choice for many people. It is available in many shapes and sizes to adjust the various food quantities.

5. Kraft boxes 

Kraft boxes, purely a mother’s choice! Women don’t want their children to nag about the food oil spoiling their school bags. That is why they prefer disposable takeaway containers Kraft boxes as lunch boxes. They are robust enough to hold out the weight.

These disposable boxes are manufactured with food-grade Kraft paper, which contains oil-proof lamination. You must have seen its wide usage for keeping fast food. Like paper boxes, Kraft boxes are also made of renewable sources and the best sustainable choice for disposable food packaging and a safer environment.

Many restaurants prefer disposable takeaway container Kraft boxes because food can be wrapped easily in these boxes offering great comfort to customers.

Roll up: 

Disposable takeaway containers are very useful for carrying food with absolute comfort. In today’s super busy life, these containers are lifesavers. Many people have traveling jobs, they need to travel frequently. Such disposable containers are a good option to take food with them comfortably.

Many of us even forget to have food while we are in the office because we think that taking food out, heating it, using the glass plates, and then washing them up will waste our time. This thought bothers many of us and we avoid having lunch.

Work as much as you want but do not skip your meals when you have other good alternative options. Use disposable takeaway containers for lunch boxes. Eat it, and throw it.

Make your life simple when you have so many options to do so. There are many food container supplier Singapore, plastic container supplier in Singapore which get the best disposable takeaway containers to Singapore, making sure to make our lives better and more comfortable.

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