Digital sales enablement: Enabling sales teams to achieve success

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Businesses are always searching for new solutions to today’s sales problems. Sales enablement is constantly seen as a long-term solution. But, for your team and your business, what does “sales enablement” really mean? When do you think it should be a top priority? Let’s start with the basics.

“A strategic, cross-functional discipline designed to improve sales results and efficiency by offering integrated content, training, and coaching resources for salespeople and front-line sales managers during the customer’s purchasing journey, driven by technology,” according to sales enablement. Every company aims to create a unique customer experience that sets them apart from the competition. And the most important component of a positive customer experience is a well-trained sales force that can maximize every customer interaction. The higher the customer experience, the more ‘enabled’ your sales force is. Mindtickle – the best sales enablement software for small businesses because of this.

Enabling a sales team is simpler and more data-driven than ever before with the top sales enablement software and the platform to match. In this competitive market, selling is more difficult than ever, so sales reps need quick access to key information and training, and sales managers need a simple way to track progress toward key objectives.

Sales enablement software accomplishes several essential tasks.

  • Facilitates access to training materials, product documents, and other content for sales reps.
  • Keeps track of how well sales reps are doing against their growth goals.
  • Tends to improve sales and marketing teams’ visibility and coordination
  • Managers may use main sales metrics to determine opportunities for coaching to develop specific skills.
  • Allows for the training and reinforcement of key skills by micro-learning and virtual training.

3 Must-Have Sales Enablement Features

Organizations looking for a sales enablement tool can look for one that has the following main features.

  1. Onboarding – New sales reps are given the skills and training they need to excel in their new role during onboarding. It can be difficult to keep sales reps involved, monitor their preparation, and provide them with easy access to documentation, manuals, and other orientation and training materials during the onboarding period. Managers would have everything they need to set up their sales representatives for success with an onboarding management feature. Usually, this function allows teams to
  • Automated training paths improve learning and testing,
  • allowing reps to ramp up faster,
  • Ensure improved contact by keeping reps informed and committed at all times,
  • resulting in increased efficiency and lower turnover costs.
  • Develop coaching by using the right resources and content that enable reps and managers to recognize areas for development, such as expertise and abilities, to meet higher targets.
  1. Gamification – It can be difficult to keep sales reps involved during onboarding and ongoing training. This is where gamification enters the image. Organizations may use gamification to transform mundane tasks into fun games that inspire and incentivize sales reps to improve their skills. Teams can use gamification to promote friendly competition, break learning down into manageable chunks, include specific games and quizzes, and add real-life scenarios. Gamification can also add a social component to onboarding and training, as well as encourage open communication among sales reps. New reps may use gamification during the onboarding phase, as well as experienced reps who are constantly improving their skills and experience. It will help them with ongoing training and fine-tuning of their skills, all while having fun.
  2. Workflow Automation – Organizations also struggle with collaboration and transparency. Automated workflows not only make it easier to communicate but also keep the right people accountable. For example Sales managers or other team members, may provide qualitative and quantitative input on audio or video recordings submitted by new sales representatives. They do so by automating the process of setting reminders inside workflows, resulting in a smooth feedback loop between managers and team members. Managers and salespeople alike are motivated to work hard by automated workflows. They have full accountability so that everyone understands where improvements are required and is motivated to act.

A sales enablement software is much more than just a way to help the sales team be more productive and profitable. With the right tool, every company can improve its sales processes and improve every phase of the sales process. Furthermore, the right approach aids sales teams by supplying the content and information they need to communicate with consumers effectively the first time and every time.

To find the material the sales team wanted in the past, sales teams had to sift through documents, files, inboxes, spreadsheets, PDFs, image archives, and more. Even if sales reps were able to locate the appropriate content at the appropriate time, it was unclear if it was current or being used effectively.

Sales leaders failed to evaluate, strengthen, and monitor improvement in reps’ strengths and weaknesses because onboarding was a one-size-fits-all classroom session, training wasn’t tailored for the needs of individual reps, and onboarding was a one-size-fits-all classroom session. All of these processes are made easier, observable, and actionable with modern sales enablement and the software that goes with it.

Get the top Sales Enablement Software

If your company is looking for a powerful sales enablement tool with a long list of features and a high consumer adoption rate, MindTickle is a great choice. It comes with everything you’ll need to grow your business, close deals faster, boost your company’s credibility, and cultivate long-term relationships with your sales reps and customers.

MindTickle has the potential to completely transform the way your company sells, allowing you to increase sales and elevate your brand to new heights. To learn more, request a demo today, or use our ROI calculator to estimate your potential return on enablement.

Leading market analysts and consulting firms have rated MindTickle as the #1 Enterprise Software Product and the 5th ranked software product for sales on G2’s Best Software 2020 lists. MindTickle allows your business leaders and salespeople to continuously evaluate, diagnose, and improve the expertise, skills, and behaviors necessary to effectively engage consumers and drive growth for your business.


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