Considering Gold Jewellery Shopping Online? Here’s Everything You Should Know

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Well, gold jewelry has a special place in the life of every woman. For decades, women have been adorning gold jewelry to beautify themselves and it’s symbolic of showing off your social status too. People back then relied only on the local family jewelers to present them with the design choices. However, the internet has brought a paradigm shift in how we shop these days. You no longer have to cancel your weekend plans to hop different jewelry stores, walk from one floor to another in search of the perfect gold jewelry.

With just a few points and clicks of the mouse, you can unlock a whole world of gems and jewelry with limitless options right from your office desk, home, or even a coffee shop! Now as it sounds exciting, you also have to exercise a certain amount of caution while shopping for gold jewelry online. So let’s take a look at some factors to consider before you decide to pay for precious beauties.

1. Trusted Online Retailer-

The moment you begin your search for online jewelers, you will be surprised to see the unlimited names that show up. Now the question arises, whom do you trust? We say, put your trust in well-known retail jewelers like Melorra. You can visit their official website, and check out here the latest designs, genuine customer reviews, and transparent information about the making charges. You can also take a point of reference from your family, friends, and colleagues who have a prior online jewelry shopping experience. 

2. Familiarize Yourself With Purity of Gold-

Before you start shopping understand what are the different standards of gold purity because this can cause price variation. Gold purity is measured in karat (kt), and 24 kt is the purest form of gold which is extremely soft and hard to be molded into jewelry, so exists very rare. Gold ornaments are made out of 22kt gold, which means it has some amount of other metal mixed with it to give it flexibility. Stone studded jewelry is usually made out of 18kt or 14kt gold. Never forget to check if gold has the BIS hallmark that certifies it’s purity.

  1. Keep The Size Guide HandyIf you are shopping online for a ring or bangle, in particular, you must know your ring and bangle size because unlike offline purchases you can’t wear the gold piece to see if it fits right. All standard online jewelers have a size chart available that you can use to find your perfect size. 
  2. Check out the Deals- The best part about shopping online is of course the tempting discounts! If you have never heard of offers and deals on gold jewelry, then you must visit the official site of Melorra. Visit this website and you soon realize that you can avail yourself discounts on the making charges to save a lot of money. Read the exchange and return policy very carefully to have a hassle-free shopping experience. Most jewelers even offer free shipping pan India.  

Use the technology to your advantage to get yourself exquisite jewelry while sitting on your couch! 

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