Outdoor Design and Style: A Complete Guide to Purchasing an Outdoor Dining Set

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A Complete Guide to Purchasing an Outdoor Dining Set

What could be more enjoyable than having a feast with your family and friends while sitting outside on a lovely afternoon or evening? But, of course, it takes tasty dishes, delicious cocktails, visitors, and great furniture to create the ultimate dining experience.

Nothing is like having dinner under the stars when the weather is clear. And if you have access to outside space, you need an outdoor table and a few chairs to turn a little deck or large yard into an open-air dining room. So, continue reading to learn how to host the perfect outdoor dinner party.

Choose the Proper Table for Your Dining Set

Since the table is the centre of attention in your dining area, it’s crucial to get it right. So first, consider the type of dining experience you’d like to provide.

A larger table with rounded or square edges might be appropriate for more formal meals and dinner gatherings. On the other hand, a round dining table may be ideal for a more casual meeting.

Form and Function of a Dining Table: Things to Think About:

  • Consider the height of your dining room table. As such, shorter tables are excellent for unwinding and enjoying a relaxed get-together, but taller tables require people to sit up more and are ideal for formal occasions.
  • If you have young children, a somewhat shorter table may be preferable, so they can easily climb in and out of chairs and reach their food.
  • Assess the location of the table’s legs on the tabletop, as this will determine where you can easily place chairs and seat visitors.


Choose the Right Materials

Dining sets come in various materials, including softwoods such as pine, hardwoods such as walnut and teak, rattan, HDPE wood, and aluminium.

So, consider these factors when choosing materials for your dining sets:

  • Lifespan, or how long will your dining set last if you leave it out in the elements?
  • What will your dining set’s appearance be like in the future?

Having suitable materials will ensure the durability and usage of the dining set. In addition, it gives everyone a sense of quality and heritage using the materials.

Calculate How Much Space You Have

Examine the many dining sets available, and once you’ve limited your options, consider the overall “footprint” or space required by the table and chairs.

  • Before buying a table, carefully measure your outdoor table space and record the size with tape or another method.
  • Then make identical templates for the chairs to see how they’ll interact with the table and the rest of the room.
  • There should be adequate space between chairs and around the outside for people to move around effortlessly.


Choose the Right Dining Set Colour

If you’re buying pines, wood, mahogany, or a wicker dining set, your colour and finish options are likely to be limited. However, if you want to use HDPE lumber, you’ll have a lot of options. Moreover, even the aluminium dining sets come in a variety of finishes.

Many dining sets come in a wide range of colours. Hence, there’s something for everyone, from gorgeous greys, browns, greens, and other earth tones to brilliant red, blue, and different hues that add visual interest.

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