Complete Guide to Automobile Property Damage Claims

If you get injured during an auto accident, you will have two claims, including a personal injury claim and a property damage claim.

What is the difference between these two?

Property damage is damage caused to cars and other possessions in the vehicle, including iPhones, groceries, and sunglasses. On the other hand, personal injury is the emotional, physical, and mental injury resulting from a car accident.

When it comes to automobile property damage claims, timelessness is vital. It would be difficult to go back to normal without your car. Since this kind of damage doesn’t involve negotiation, it is simple to speed up the process and settle the claim within a few weeks.

How Property Damage Claims Work

Every at-fault car owner’s policy needs to pay so as to repair property damages. Even in a no-fault state, the at-fault policy pays up. In this situation, the insurer covering the vehicle provides coverage, not the driver of the car.

Once you file a police report and determine who is at fault, your insurer may have a claim adjuster review your damages and case. For example, if your fault is to drive off the road and hit a person’s mailbox or fence, the claim adjuster may review every fact of the case before any payment is made.

However, things will become tricky if your property gets damaged and you have no idea who is at fault. This basically changes the claim into a collision claim.

Steps to Take After an Auto Accident

If you get involved in a car accident, your priority should focus on getting medical help. Even when there is no injury, it would be a great idea to call the police so as to make your report. Without this report, it might be challenging to prove what happened.

Usually, police reports show which driver is suspected to be at fault. After reporting the claim to the insurance company, the firm will assign an adjuster to contact you to appraise your car. Apart from making a report and contacting the insurance, you should also:

  • Take pictures of the car and scene
  • Gather evidence
  • Talk to several eye-witnesses

Value of a Car and Repair Costs

Insurers are required to pay for the damages. If you receive a repair estimate and it looks like the expenses will exceed the value of your vehicle, insurers may declare it a total loss and take possession of the car.

Remember that the number of claims depends on the property’s value with any kind of property damage claim. The claim’s value will have nothing to do with how much you pay for your property.

Plus, whichever insurance firm ends up bearing the financial responsibility for the damages of your car, that insurer may pay for replacement or repairs of your car up to the policy limit.

In a Nutshell!

Some auto accident victims will cope with the inability to go to work and overwhelming pain and deal with damages to their car.

Based on the insurance coverage limits, you might be reimbursed for the repair expenses, total replacement of the car, and lost value of the vehicle. If you find yourself in such a situation, the best course of action is to contact an attorney to guide you further.

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