How Positive Company Culture and Wellness Are Thriving

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For years, many workplaces have been trying hard to give their employees a well-rounded work experience. As a staff member, you want to have a healthy work-life balance. You want to feel appreciated and enjoy a positive environment at work. After all, you spend a huge majority of your life at your job, so you want to feel happy and fulfilled with those hours you spend at the office. A positive work culture can make all the difference between a happy work environment and a place that creates a lot of burnout.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic affected the entire world in 2020, many workplaces have made some changes and adjustments. There has become a huge focus on wellness and finding healthy behaviors for the workplace. As a boss and leader in your industry, you may be curious how you can implement these same services with compassion and care. Let’s dive in and take a look at how many workplaces are thriving after implementing a more positive workplace culture that is focused on wellness so you can do the same with your company.

Companies have more wellness tools than ever before.


To start, many companies are implementing more wellness programs than ever before. Companies like Wellable are committed to providing care and services for all areas of wellness including emotional, mental, financial, social, environmental, and more. These holistic services work well for employees and employers. Not only are you creating a more positive atmosphere, but you’re showing your team that you are truly on their side. Offer everything from mind and mental health services to on-demand fitness classes to health integration with new technology. These holistic approaches help individuals approach their overall well-being in better ways.

Technology aids productivity which leads to happier employees.

There are so many systems and programs out there to help employees do their work in more effective and efficient ways. Workers can easily get burnt out when they’re forced to do tedious, repetitive tasks on a daily basis. It can also be a waste of their valuable talents. If you can implement systems to aid agent productivity and take care of these tasks, it will help create a more positive environment.

A good example of this is a call center to handle your customer service concerns. You can also work with predictive dialer systems to help your sales team and telemarketers. Rely on a recorded message rather than always worrying about agent availability. Find ways to reach out to customers through call lists, text messages, and more. These contact center solutions improve ROI and help service providers work smarter not harder. This will improve morale overall with your call center agents.

Communication has become a two-way street.

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Communication in the workplace is better than ever. Even if you are working from home, there are plenty of ways to reach out and chat with a supervisor or get advice on a tricky project. By opening up to management, employees can voice their concerns more openly and get the tools they need for a more positive workplace. This two-way communication improves functionality and helps the whole team operate together in more successful ways.

There’s a new understanding of mental health needs post-COVID.

The COVID-19 pandemic affected the whole world in many different ways. The conversation of mental health and emotional wellness came to the forefront of many workplaces. This simple awareness is already creating healthier and more well-rounded workplaces. Corporate jobs are now more understanding of individuals who need to work from home. Health insurance companies are looking for ways to involve mental health treatment plans. The need for breaks is understood on a wider level. For the first time, many big companies are focusing on wellness in light of recent events.

Exactly How Firms Are Winning on Society Throughout COVID-19

Initially look, you could anticipate COVID-19 to be a catastrophe for company society. The extensive change to remote job– fifty percent of staff members in the UNITED STATE were functioning from home in April– lowered the in person communications that strengthen business society.1 The financial recession in lots of markets and also a spike in discharges intimidate to untangle the social material that holds firms with each other.

Our recurring evaluation of 1.4 million employee-written evaluations on Glassdoor, nevertheless, informs an extremely various tale. To take a look at just how the pandemic has actually affected staff members’ understandings of company society, we observe each month at exactly how workers at Society 500 business ranked their company for the 5 years with August 2020. When existing or previous staff members assess a business, they are asked to rank its society and also worths on a five-point range, from “really disgruntled” to “extremely pleased.”

We discovered that the typical society ranking throughout the Society 500 firms experienced a sharp dive in between March and also April 2020. (See “Firm Society and also Worths Rankings Prior To and also Throughout COVID-19”) The months of April via August 2020, which saw extensive lockdowns, changes to remote job, as well as discharges, inhabit the leading 5 areas in regards to typical society rankings throughout the five-year duration.

Business Society and also Worths Scores Prior To as well as Throughout COVID-19.
The ordinary society and also worths score throughout the Society 500 business surged throughout the very starting moments of the pandemic in the UNITED STATE (April-August 2020), and also those 5 months inhabit the leading 5 areas in regards to typical society and also worths rankings for the coming before 5 years.

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