Buying a house after Covid pandemic, where to find affordable apartments?

After a period of responding to the epidemic, it became clear about the importance of a place to settle down. Therefore, planning to buy a house, locating affordable projects is what urban residents need to do as soon as the epidemic is under control.

According to a survey by the Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association after the first epidemic, the interest in the market increased by 306%, after the second phase increased by 62% and after the third phase increased sharply by 378%. After the 4th epidemic is no exception.

Opportunity to buy a house with a good policy

According to experts, this is a favorable time for a group of customers with real housing needs, because of attractive incentives and stimulus policies from investors. The epidemic has also caused speculation activities to be “killed”, buying houses at this time will not be affected by fevers or waves of speculation to push prices.

Buying a house after Covid pandemic, where to find affordable apartments?

Bcons Sala has a prime location for long-term residence

Reopening after a period of separation, investors and project developers also offer many good sales policies. In which, the preferential payment methods and after-sales care of many investors show that the market has changed policies, repositioned products and opened up opportunities for buyers.

Bcons Group offers a support policy for customers who own Bcons Sala apartments in this quarter 4-2021 with a 0 dong interest rate financing program for home-owning borrowers during the construction project. build. Not stopping there, this investor also decided to support Bcons Sala’s guests to carry their suitcases to receive housing for 6 months before starting to pay the loan.

Good location increases the value of residence

In recent years, administrative boundaries are no longer a barrier in the psychology of home buyers. Buyers now, instead of prioritizing having to have a “household registration” in Ho Chi Minh City, have switched to prioritizing convenient transportation, living near the workplace, and convenient for their children to study.

The concept of the center is also repositioned by many homebuyers when the improvement of social infrastructure such as schools, health care, etc. is improved in neighboring areas such as Di An.

Compared to the price and location, traffic, Di An is the most attractive market in Binh Duong. The reason is that it is adjacent to Thu Duc City, along with the development of an infrastructure transport system to help facilitate travel time.

In the near future, the metro system, ring roads, routes along the central axis of East – West – South – North of Ho Chi Minh City will be formed, creating a smooth connection network to this region.

Another important factor is that Di An city is being restructured by investors with an average selling price of 2 billion VND/apartment, so it is quite suitable for the solvency towards the huge real demand of people. 

That is why projects with good locations and attractive prices like Bcons Sala become the optimal choice. Because this is a popular price threshold that attracts many buyers with the best ability to pay as well as liquidity.

You can find affordable apartments at

With good connection conditions, Binh Duong is a bright spot for people in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces to choose to buy.

Bcons Sala 2 bedroom apartment from 1.3 billion VND is really an optimal choice in the current apartment price level. These are new, modern apartment projects with 2 bedrooms, large balconies, fully furnished kitchens and a separate water purifier for each apartment.

In addition, the project investment quality is good (including diversified modern internal facilities, good construction quality). In addition, the project’s location is convenient near major traffic routes, less traffic jams, thereby reducing travel time.

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