Best way to Decorate your Rakhi Thali for your beloved brother!!!

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The relation between brothers and sisters is unique and cannot be explained in words. However, it all together becomes an emotion and symbolizes the eternal love between siblings when it comes to India. Here, it takes the form of the famous festival known as Raksha Bandhan.

This year Raksha Bandhan will fall on 22 August and be celebrated with great enthusiasm all over India. The primary implication of the Rakhi celebration is to share love and affection between the siblings. They have shared some of the most incredible bonds since childhood, the bond of Brother and sister, the bond of friendship.

They are like your second parents. They will do everything to guide you, protect you, brace you in the most challenging situation.

Raksha Bandhan is dedicated to sisters and brothers, and on this day, sisters prepare Puja Thali includes roli, tilak, rice grains, rakhi, diya, and sweets. The site has shared a unique method to decorate your Puja Thali and send rakhi for Brother online. Here are some ideas and essential elements needed to decorate your Rakhi Thali.

  1. Rakhi Thalis

Raksha Bandhan Thali is very similar to the Thali, meant for the performing puja of the almighty. Rakhi Thalis is an essential element that plays a vital role in the traditional celebration of this grand event. A Raksha Bandhan thali consists of many essential things like rakhi, Nariyal, roli chawal, sweets, kalava, and many more.

Raksha Bandhan thali is a new concept in the new era of online shopping. It is introduced to fill the void created by distances and generates an aura of being in the vicinity of our ancient traditions and prominent culture. Hence, getting a Raksha Bandhan thali is a new and innovative idea to perform the rituals quite effectively.

  1. Rakhi

Rakhi is not just a thread that a sister ties around the wrist of their brothers, relatives, or other family members to protect the latter from bad omens and evils. Tying rakhi means love, care, affection, and an unbreakable sibling bond. It represents love and sublime sentiments.

Over time, rakhi’s design got changed so as the process to celebrate the pious festival. There has been a considerable transformation in rakhi, and it has traveled a lot from a simple thread to a designer and stylish modern-day rakhi. It has become more fashionable, inspired by the latest jewelry designs. Send a glittery silver rakhi online to your brother.

  1. Nariyal

The Nariyal occupies a special place and is one of the essential materials required in Hindu Puja rituals. Or we can say without a Nariyal, and a Hindu ceremony is incomplete. Nariyal is broken and offered after the worship and distributed as Prasada to everyone.

  1. Roli Chawal 

Roli (Sinndoo/Vermillion) and Chawal (Akshath) are two preeminent elements needed in the Hindu rituals. A sister mixes these two and applies them to the forehead of brothers. It is a unique spot where all our energy is said to be concentrated. As per the Hinduism tradition, Vedas defines that we all have one energy source or chakra on the center of our forehead.

  1. Kalava

In India, it is called with different names Mauli, Raksha Sutra, Pratisara (in North India), Kaapu, Kayiru, or Charandu (in South India). It is a red-yellow-colored ritual protection thread. It is a symbol of long life, health, prosperity, and shields against any evil. And it is also believed that wearing this will keep Almighty’s blessings with you.

  1. Sweets

Any celebration or ritual is almost incomplete without sweets. Mithai adds more happiness and sweetness. Sweets are the best gift to express your love. This Raksha Bandhan serves delicious sweets to your dearest Brother and brings more sweetness to your sibling bond. Along with the sweets, send rakhi gifts combo to your beloved Bro!!

  1. Kalash

It is also spelled Kalash or Kalasa, a metal pot with a large base holding a coconut. According to the Vedas, these Thalis contain a small Kalash, which is considered a symbol of abundance and “source of life” according to the Vedas and fills the home with sacredness.

  1. Dia 

It is believed that lighting Deepak eliminates the negative vibe present in the atmosphere. Lighting the Dia during the puja is to remove the darkness from the mind and heart. It can be made of clay or metal with a cotton wick dipped in ghee or vegetable oils. After applying tilak on the forehead, a sister picks the Puja Ki Thali and waves around the brother’s face.

  1. Thali

All these items are decorated and placed in Thali made of different materials and highly embellished. Hindu Symbols of Om and Swastik symbols are outlined at the center of Puja Thali. Puja Thali can be made at home by laying a clean piece of cloth or a banana leaf over Thali.

Final Thoughts

Anything given to a brother with love will be most special to him. Still, you can make his Rakhi day extraordinary with the exciting gift options available at our online gifting website We bring you products that are carefully constructed using top-quality materials.

The chosen effects can be sent across the world like Australia, Canada, UK, or send rakhi to USA whether you wish to shop it for yourself or gift it to your loved ones and family. All you need to do is to choose your favorite Rakhi gift online from a broad collection of gift items available and send it across in a few gentle steps to your loved ones.

It also offers you Rakhi Pooja Thali. All are handcrafted and made using only the best quality materials, which results in high-standard products that you can use to celebrate the auspicious festival of rakhi.


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