Best Kids Safety Parental Control AndTracker App

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Best Kids Safety Parental Control AndTracker App

Most adults do not know where children are and what they are doing online, causing fear and confusion. You may want to be by their side at all times, of course, to protect them, especially from natural threats online. It is happening in the modern era through parental control software, and FamiSafe is among the best options to consider.” This new version enables parents to communicate with their childrensimply and easily.


While your child may not be able to give you access to his or her intelligent devices because he or she does not want you all to be in his or her place, we have your solution.

With the random requests of concerned parents for their children, we have already found the best app to help you the FamiSafe parental control app you can have a healthy conversation with your child about your concerns about the malicious internet. FamiSafe will do wonders for your child’s safety and responsibility.

Track Application Usage of FamiSafe parental control app

  • It is for kids to become addicted to such a screen-time app, mainly social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  • It is necessary to ensure that the screens do not fully cover the lives of their parents. By setting the time limits on which such applications will be restricted to their phones, you can help take advantage of that.
  • Parents receive a complete record of the applications downloaded by the software they used. It will help you decide which blocking applications. FamiSafe parental control app used Android and iOS platforms full of a handful of features to help parents protect their children in today’s world.
  • Suspicious text bans and cyberbullying: FamiSafe automatically warns parents of the potential dangers of cyberbullying, inappropriate adult content, abuse, and more in child text conversations

Key features of the FamiSafe parental control app

key feature kids app

  • Real-time location tracking: By location tracking feature, parents can easily find out where their children are going and set up a safe area with the Geofence feature to receive alerts when their child enters or leaves a geofence.
  • App blocker and activity monitoring:FamiSafe allows parents to control apps installed on a child’s smartphones. With this feature, a parent can block the app’s use during study or bedtime and monitor how children use their phones, which apps are most used, which apps are installed and uninstalled, how social networking apps are used, etc.

Things to Remember FamiSafe parental control app

  • Put a valid email address to confirm registration.
  • It uses a password.
  • ‘Parent’ devices should also install the app.
  • Now you have to login into your child and your mobile.
  • You need to make FamiSafe accessible and enable app permissions.
  • Once all the steps are followed, you are ready to transfer the devices to your children, and you are done!

So How Can You Set Up the FamiSafe parental control app?

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It’s easy to start being a modern parent, first install FamiSafe on both parent and child phones. After that, on the child’s smartphone, log in to your FamiSafe account, select the Kid’s identity, fill in your child’s name and age, and grant the app’s necessary permissions. Similarly, on the parent device, log in to your account and select ID as a Parent and connect to your child’s phone.

Step 1: Install and download. 

Step 2: Register a FamiSafe account Make sure the correct name is used on all phones. Parents must be registered, and your child’s phone must be registered as ‘Baby.’ 

Step 3: Child Phone Setup.Apple-iPhone-mobile-smartphone-technology-touchscreen



  1. FamiSafe is one of the cheapest monitoring apps for kids, especially when comparing the price with its unique features. The tracking app gives you three different programs.
  1. The monthly plan costs $ 9.99 / month for connecting to 5 devices. The PRICE plan will cost you $ 6.66 / month, and the ANNUAL plan will cost $ 4.99 / month.
  1. Interested buyers can take a free 3-day trial and make a final decision on whether FamiSafe is child-friendly or not.

For your iPhone

  • Log in to your account, select your child’s identity, and enter your children’s private information, such as name and age.
  • Now you need to enable FamiSafe permission. First, allow location access and add mobile device management.

fami safe app 

For Android

  • Log in to your account, select a child’s name and type in your child’s name and age, as well as an iPhone.
  • Grant FamiSafe permission when required.
  • Provide access to Software applications.
  • Grant access to FamiSafe management. It may prevent the application from being installed on any person other than that person.
  • Enable location monitoring to view your child’s phone. To set up a parent’s phone.
  • It’s effortless. You have to select your login as parents, and then you can use it. Then add your phone to your child’s computer.

You can call helpers if you have problems downloading the software. You can request a ticket in place of their Support program. Within 24 hours of operation, they respond.

The conclusion

femi safefami awards

FamiSafe is the leading Android parental control app that you should have for parents who want their children’s best.

We love how screen time, app blockers, and web content work and how it protects you from harmful things online. So, download now

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