How to Become an ITIL-Certified Professional in 2022?

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ITIL professionals are witnessing the happiest days in the industry. They have become one of the highest-paying experts working with reputed multinational companies worldwide. However, cracking the highest level ITIL certification is highly challenging and takes tremendous effort, commitment, and dedication.

Besides effort, you would require spending considerable time preparing for the exam and garnering the necessary credits to become eligible. Overall, the preparations can get tricky if you don’t have a concrete strategy in place. Unfortunately, that’s the reason behind candidates failing the exam and rating it to be extensively challenging.

Believe it or not, ITIL certification exams are straightforward. It takes a strategic approach to prepare for the exams and become an ITIL-certified professional in 2021. The mainframe question is how to curate an effective strategy for ITIL certification exams. Or, more precisely, how to become an ITIL-certified professional?

Don’t worry; we are discussing everything you should know to achieve ITIL certification and become a professional.

Let’s dive in!

Who is an ITIL-Certified Professional?

You would face immense difficulty in understanding our further discussions if you are unaware of the meaning of ITIL-certified professionals.

So, who are ITIL-certified professionals, after all?

Professionals keen on knowing and leveraging ITIL frameworks in real life can become ITIL-certified after preparing for some relevant examinations and scoring excellently.

These exams have different levels, with the last one projecting the candidates to interviews with an assessment panel. Finally, the creamiest talents get certified as ITIL masters in the end.

As you saw, the entire process, from preparation to achieving ITIL certifications, is cumbersome. However, we will simplify your concern in the article below!

ITIL-Certified Professionals: The Skills Required

Before we dive into the subtle aspects of ITIL preparation strategy, it’s essential to get a glimpse of the skills required.

So, let’s take a look below!

  1. Knowledge of ITIL frameworks

Since you will be working as an ITIL professional, it’s essential to have a knee-deep understanding of ITIL frameworks. You can crack the prestigious certification exam and implement the principles in real-life scenarios based on the knowledge gained.

By preparing for the highly-practical exams, you can become well-acquainted with ITIL frameworks and get a sufficient understanding of implementing the principles in the real world.

  1. Business Relationship Management (BRM)

Another essential quality of a professional ITIL-certified is proficiency in business relationship management. Believe it or not, BRM and ITIL strategies are correlated. So, an ITIL expert cannot perform well without an in-depth understanding of BRM.

Consequently, an efficient preparation strategy would give you enough BRM knowledge and give such skill sets to you for better sustainability in the industry.

  1. Managerial Skills

As an ITIL professional, you will be joining managerial roles in a company. So, you should be well-acquainted with organizational skills to perform well in the industry.

However, accessing managerial knowledge aligned with ITIL frameworks can be a challenge. Luckily, you can absorb such understanding when preparing for ITIL certification through reputed resources.

  1. Problem-Solving Skills

An ITIL-certified professional should be an ardent problem solver. When implementing ITIL strategies in an IT environment, you will encounter numerous challenges, and the stakeholders will expect you to solve them. Consequently, problem-solving skills are a must for all ITIL experts.

So, it would be best to focus on developing problem-solving skills and tackling concerns effortlessly when preparing for the certification exams.

  1. Analytical Mindset

Like problem-solving skills, possessing an analytical mindset is highly essential for better industrial performance as an ITIL-certified professional. Apart from the competitive exam, the recruiters seek such a mentality when hiring for various ITIL roles in their organizations.

  1. DevOps

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that ITIL works with DevOps. As an ITIL-certified professional, you might encounter various scenarios where a sound knowledge of DevOps will save your efforts. So, focus on gaining an in-depth understanding of DevOps when building your concepts around ITIL frameworks.

  1. Innovative

An ITIL professional remains innovative and helps companies create new milestones in the competitive scenario. So, harnessing a creative approach can help you in the long haul if you wish to join a reputed company as an ITIL-certified professional.

Also, you will find recruiters grilling you on innovative grounds and hiring the best candidate for their organizations.

So, these were the top-notch skills you would require to develop to join a company as an ITIL professional.

Moving on, let’s discuss some actionable steps to become an ITIL-certified professional in 2021.

How to Become an ITIL-Certified Professional?

After hearing a lot about ITIL certifications, you might be intrigued to know the steps you must take to become a certified professional.

From preparation to joining a company – here’s what you should know to become an ITIL-certified expert.

  1. Preparation

The foremost step towards becoming an ITIL professional is preparing for the prestigious exams. You can either study independently or join an online course to understand ITIL frameworks sufficiently.

  1. Develop Skills

Now that you have chosen the best preparation mode, you can build relevant skills and become a highly-qualified professional with leading companies. From technical understanding to soft skills, you need to develop everything for the best outcomes.

  1. Mock Exams

Don’t resort towards scheduling exams just as you start feeling prepared. Take mock tests and analyze your preparations before investing in the real-life ITIL exams.

  1. Schedule Exams

If you are new to ITIL exams, go ahead with the foundational certification and schedule the exam on time. However, you can choose master-level ITIL certification if you have sufficient credits and experience prescribed by the governing authorities.

  1. Join Companies

By now, you would have cracked ITIL certifications. So, you can search for relevant jobs on boards and apply to them with your portfolio. Finally, you will become an ITIL-certified professional with reputed companies.

Woohoo! You know everything to become an ITIL-certified expert from scratch. That’s all to become an ITIL-certified professional in 2021. Meanwhile, keep preparing for higher-level exams and climbing the stairs of success in your professional endeavor. Good luck to you!

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