Barstools for Every Occasion

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Barstools for Every Occasion

Barstools have become an essential part of interior designs for kitchen and dining areas over the recent years. However, choosing the right material, height, and style for your household is not always easy. Today, we’ll take a look at some aspects to keep in mind as you shop for barstools your household members will love.

First, get that tape measure out and take exact measurements to be sure you have the proper spacing and sizing for the area. The standard counter height is 36 inches, so you’ll want a stool height between 24-26 inches. If it’s a bar you’re buying the stools for, then the average height is 42 inches. Stools between 30-32 inches are just the right height.

Depending on the length of the surface the stools are for, leave about 21-24 inches of space for each seat. You’ll need legroom as well, so leave about 10-12 inches of space between the seat and the counter.

Style and function must meet in order for you to make the best use of your bar stools. Backless stools can easily be tucked away beneath the counters when you aren’t using them. That opens up the floor space, making moving around the area simple.

The backless stool is great for grabbing a quick meal or drink at the counter. However, if you plan on staying seated for a while, then a back and arms would be a better option. You can find a wide selection of at home barstools online at 1StopBedrooms. You’ll see the website offers a variety of backless stools and those with back support.

The materials used to construct the frame are important to the durability and life expectancy of the stool. Wooden stools tend to fit in with any design style and provide the solid sturdiness you need in a piece that will get lots of heavy use. If the stool is going in your yard, choose a dense wood-like acacia or eucalyptus. These woods are the most weather and insect repellent materials, so your stools will withstand the outdoor elements.

Metal barstools usually have a slim and sleek look which works well in smaller areas. Keep them inside where rust won’t be an issue, and they’ll add an industrial flair to the room’s aesthetic. Rattan or wicker barstools have a casual feel that lightens the mood of the space.

A heavy barstool is an inconvenience to move, so get one that swivels. Your guests will love the way they can easily move away from and toward the counter when it’s time to refresh their drink or use the restroom.

Upholstery is another feature that will add personality to your bar stools. The seating is usually hard and uncomfortable after a few minutes, but a padded cushion can alleviate that concern. It’s also a clever way of adding color to the space or matching patterns and prints.

So don’t wait any longer; visit the website and find the right barstool for your home at 1Stop.

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