B2B Ecommerce Platform – What to Check Before Buying

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Before buying a B2B ecommerce platform, it is crucial to look at the features to ascertain if they will meet your needs. There are also many other considerations to make. Unfortunately, many people do not know what to check for and the importance of such considerations. The features are almost similar in many ASP.NET ecommerce platforms, but some are best for B2B while others work well for B2C.

If you are planning to start a B2B – a business that sells products to other businesses on a wholesale basis – we will guide you on what to check for in a B2B ecommerce platform. Read on to learn more

A Reputable Marketplace

A B2B ecommerce platform should offer the best marketplace to a business. This is the main reason why vendors need these services. Have you ever wondered why some platforms are known as shopping carts, web shops, or shopping platforms? It is simply because they help sellers and buyers to meet and transact. Before buying a platform, ensure that it is known by potential customers for you to make sales when you launch the products.

Other Features

As mentioned, a B2B ecommerce platform should have features that meet the needs of your business. The best one must have these attributes:

·       ASP.NET framework – Microsoft has given digital commerce solution providers an open-source framework to develop their solutions. Check if your preferred B2B ecommerce platform is made using this platform because it promotes scalability, ease of operations, and data and payment security.

·       Headless ecommerce solutions – This feature is best when you want an ecommerce platform that will take care of all back-end operations.

·       Cloud-based solutions – Ensure that operations are online and can be accessed from different devices and locations.

·       Multivendor solutions – Each hosted vendor should have access to their product page and the rights to edit it as they wish.

Secure Payment and Data Analytics

It is essential to consider the security of payment solutions and data analytics in a B2B ecommerce platform. For ASP.NET platforms such as Virto Commerce, this is not a problem because the architecture is very secure. Furthermore, the solution providers usually work with reputable payment solution providers to offer the best services to the vendors and their customers. For data analytics, ensure that the platform has a functional way of reporting on inventory, customer data, and other resources.

The Integrations

Another important consideration to make before buying a B2B ecommerce platform is the integrations it has. Does it work with Microsoft 365 apps, Azure, shopping software, CRMS, and other solutions? Take your time to look at the integrations offered by your preferred ecommerce platform and check if they will add value to your business.

The Cost

Lastly, consider the payment for the solution. Today, you can hardly get the software that you will buy once because most offer subscription plans and tend to have many to suit different clients. Take your time to understand each plan and the access features. This should not take a lot of your business budget, especially if you are just starting out.

Final Words

With all of this in mind, you should be ready to pick your new B2B ecommerce platform. All of these features and considerations will give you an appropriate solution to launch a business and scale it up within a short time.

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